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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the tiles and floors of your house looked brand new all the time? Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the shine and texture of the tiles. For extra care, professional deep cleaning once or twice a year removes the stains, dirt, dirty grout, mildew, grime, and bacteria that make the grout lines their habitat. The team at Seaside Services has more than 15 years of experience and can clean any type of flooring. Our years of dedication to providing premium tile cleaning service to the people of Encinitas have ranked us as one of the best cleaning service providers in the area.

How Much Our Tile Cleaning Service Will Cost You?

The cost of the service can be the only factor that might stop you from deciding whether or not to call a professional cleaning company. Well, we are sure you won’t take the risk to reinvest in installing the tiles, so better get them timely cleaned. The good news for people in Encinitas, we offer the best and most affordable services for tile cleaning in Encinitas. Our trained cleaners are best in time management and make sure not to take too much of your time or cause any disruptions to your work while cleaning the tiles and grout in your home.

Things You Must Know About Our Team!

Our professional tile cleaners in Encinitas are:

* Experienced & Skilled
* Friendly
* Efficient
* Insured

They are experts in handling Carpet, Tiles & grout, and Upholstery cleaning jobs. Our professional cleaners can remove the various satins that discolor the tiles and reduce their lifespan. Our team use sealing products and the best machine to clean tile floors and grout that prevent bacteria and microorganisms from sticking and seeping into the grout. Our dedication to offering the best services in Encinitas makes us the perfect choice for the locals.

Types of Flooring We Clean:

* Kitchen, bathroom, and living rooms
* Walkways
* Newly or old installed tiles
* Excess or old looking grout
* All pattern floors
* Retail, commercial and small businesses
* Mold, grime and mildew

Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method: Tile and Grout Cleaning Company Encinitas

Our professional cleaning is not just mopping, sweeping, and scrubbing dirt and stains. We do a detailed inspection of the flooring, mark the spots and stains, and apply a cleaning agent that breaks down the stain and dust particles for quick cleaning. 

We use a scrub machine to remove the excess grout and stains from the tile surface. Our cleaning tool attached to the truck mount produces a blast of hot water steam to clean the tile. We also wash off the steam extraction to neutralize the tile and grout area. We reinspect the tiles carefully to ensure no speck of stain or dirt is left uncleaned.

Call your Encinitas tile and grout cleaning experts at 760-439-3989. We also provide Upholstery Cleaning Services in Encinitas.