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Upholstery Cleaning Carlsbad

Do you have pets at home? Are your kids always eating on the sofa and dumping food on it? Is your furniture looking old despite being newly purchased? You have reached the right place!

Looking for the Best Upholstery Cleaning in Carlsbad?


We at SEASIDE SERVICES have been doing upholstery cleaning for more than 15 years, dealing with the most stubborn stains spread over the upholstered furniture and turning old and dirty-looking upholstery into new by deep cleaning has grabbed the attention of people in Carlsbad. With a high success rate, we have become one of the top Upholstery cleaning service providers in Carlsbad and nearby locations. All thanks to our lovely clients. You can read what our customers say about our services - Client Testimonials.


Simple dusting or vacuuming will not get your furniture rid of all the hidden dirt, dust, debris and germs and bacteria. You will need the services of Seaside Services company to clean the upholstered furniture and make it shiny. Our upholstery cleaner in Carlsbad has advanced equipment to brush, blow, scrub, and clean upholstered furniture. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, so you don’t have to worry about the side effects of the cleaning solutions. At Seaside Services, we use only non-toxic solutions to clean the tough stains on the upholstery.



Types Of Upholstery Fiber’s We Clean



We use gentle Solutions to clean your upholstery. We inspect the types of upholstery first before applying any stain treatment solution to them. We clean the following types of upholstery fiber’s:



* Polyester
* Nylon
* Rayon
* Micro Fiber
* Velvet/Crushed
* Blended Cotton



How Our Upholstery Cleaning Works



* We inspect the upholstery fabric to decide which type of cleaning and product has to be used.
* We Vacuum the upholstery to extract the loose particles of dust and dirt.
* Further, we apply the desired quantity of green product suitable for the upholstery fabric to break down the soil, stains, and oil spots to remove them effortlessly.
* We use soft horse hair hand tools to agitate the spots and stains specially designed for delicate fabrics. This tool does not damage the upholstery fabric.
* Our specially designed tool attached to the truck mount extracts the grime out. The hot water extraction method is the most effective.
* Excess water gets removed, and most fabrics dry just in a few hours.
* We do a final inspection to assure your complete satisfaction.



Sofas, tables, love seats, couches, or chairs; we will make them sparkle. We also provide Tile Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Services in Carlsbad. You can book your Upholstery Cleaning Service today by calling us at 760-439-3989.