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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking for a company to clean your office space look no further. Being in this business we’ve seen it all (and cleaned it all) We are reliable and punctual and will get your area clean and dry for you to get back to what you do. We are fully insured for your peace of mind and use all the proper safety precautions that come with working in a commercial space.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your home is your sanctuary, simple as that. You want honest reliable people only to work in and around your home. That’s why all our staff is fully vetted and trained to treat your home like it was our own. You can be confident when we show up to cleaning you will get a respectable professional every time.


Carpet Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

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    We give your carpet a thorough and detailed inspection to check its condition and the type of stains that are present.


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    When applicable we use a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove those loose soil and dry dust for impeccable results.


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    Apply Cleaner

    Our eco-friendly cleaning agents are then applied all over the carpet for those tough stains and dirt to loosen up so that we can extract them easily.


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    If needs arise, we use our CRB (counter-rotating brush machine) to scrub the carpets further for those extra stubborn stains.

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    The carpets are then properly rinsed with steaming hot clean filtered water to get rid of those difficult stains and oil on the rugs and also the residue of the cleaning agents.


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    Our technologically upgraded air dryers are often used to quickly dry the carpet and leave them fresh and clean and ready to use within 2-6 hours.

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    Final Inspection

    We give special preference to customer satisfaction and wait till you review our work and get satisfaction and value for your money.


Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

  • Providing highly effective cleaning: The high temperature used in steam cleaning gets your carpet the cleanest possible. And is the only method recommended by carpet manufacturers.
  • Superior stain and dirt removal: The vapor from the heat steams penetrates deeper into the layers and weakens the hold of dust and stain on the carpet. Using hot water to clean them makes these incapacitated stains and grime wash out properly without residual dirt left behind.
  • Killing bacteria and mites: High temperature and vapor of the steam outputs kills the bacteria and mites that are home in your carpet without your knowledge and are so tough to toss out otherwise.
  • Children and pet-friendly: Our prime focus is to clean your carpet without using any kind of chemicals that can be harmful to your kids or pets around. Our chemical-free carpet steam cleaning formula is absolutely child and pet friendly.
  • Zero pollutants left: Unlike other forms of cleaning that use carpet shampoos, steam cleaning nullifies the use of too strong cleaning agents on carpets that have strong allergens. This chemical-free treatment leaves zero pollutants left over in your carpets.
  • Extends carpet life/ longer life expectancy: It is always better to clean your carpet before it gets too bad, as it reduces the carpet's lifespan. By that time, the soil and debris get deeper, making it more difficult to clean your carpets. To prevent it, you may consider using Hot water extraction for more thorough cleaning to increase the lifespan of your carpet, as it Voids the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Restores the beauty of carpet: Steam cleaning can squeeze out every little hidden dirt that can make your carpet. It improves the look and appearance of your carpet. The deep cleaning method leaves your carpet and rugs cleaner and softer.

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