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The Most Common Carpet Cleaning Challenges and Solutions

Are you starting to see some wear and tear on your carpet?

Are you worried about color fading and deep indentations on your carpet?

Your concern towards carpet is very obvious.

One important reason that people love carpeting besides its softness and warmth is - it requires less maintenance than hard surface floors. And, most importantly, deep clean scrubbing and regular vacuuming are all that is required to keep your carpet looking young and healthy.

However, we all know that taking care of carpets is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and time because of countless carpet cleaning problems. But, if you know the best treatment for every problem, carpet cleaning won’t be too strenuous. Feeling a little tense?


Ok. Wait!


Not to worry because there are always solutions to every problem. Here are the most common carpet problems with implementable solutions (and, you shouldn’t miss them).


Faster Re-soiling

Is your carpet re-soiling faster?


This problem results from the excess residue left in the carpet fiber due to the use of the wrong cleaner or too high concentration of cleaning agents. This leftover residue then attracts dust and soil resulting in a faster carpet re-soiling.


Solution: Seaside Cleaning Services uses a hot water extraction technique for extracting the residue from the carpet fibers. At home, you can extract this with plain water until the residue is removed.

Carpet Shrinkage:


Hey, is your carpet shrinking with every wash?


Carpet shrinkage happens because of over-wetting the carpet while cleaning it. Therefore you should select a solution that wets the carpet to the minimum and at the same time clean it thoroughly.


Solution: Professional carpet cleaners use the Vacuum extractor method for removing as much moisture as possible after shampooing with an extractor vacuum.


Carpet Indentations

What causes carpet indentations?  The weight of heavy pieces of furniture.


Some indentations may be permanent. So, before your carpet gets indentations, try this now!

Solution: Move your furniture a few inches backward or sideways once in a while. Try this to avoid weighted concentration. Also, placing pads, or glides beneath the legs of furniture can help you minimize indentations or furniture stains.


Carpet Matting

Has your plush and fluffy carpet started matting or flattening?

So, basically, carpet matting is the result of untwisting the yarn and the unraveling of the yarn tips through foot traffic. This happens mainly due to incorrect vacuuming, improperly fitted cushions, or improper maintenance due to high traffic.


Solution: Every carpet is different. It varies based on fibers and materials used. You must refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific carpet care. Follow their instructions to avoid carpet matting at the early stage. Secondly, rough carpet matting is often a sign to look for new carpet with advanced technology that remains intact even in high traffic areas.



If you are here today, you are certainly looking for solutions to get rid of rigid stains from your carpet. Accidents on carpets are about to happen either from a drop of ink, spill of red wine, or pet urination.


Solution: Baking soda is the king solution for all rigid stains. It always helps with carpet cleaning. However, you are supposed to first identify the reason behind the stain and then try a solution for that. Patch test cleaning is the best when you are trying a DIY solution. Also, hiring professionals for Carpet cleaning in Encinitas will help you with deep cleaning services too!


Carpet Buckling, rippling and wrinkles

Carpet buckling or rippling occurs on your carpet when the carpet is exposed to excessive humidity or moisture. Wrinkles in the carpet are caused due to a failure to stretch the carpet correctly while using a power stretcher. (Carpet restoring is required to restore the original shape of the carpet)


Solution: This problem can only be corrected by qualifying a certified carpet installer who reinstalls the carpet with a power stretcher. You may need a new carpet installed in case of intensive carpet buckling, rippling and wrinkles.


Carpet Raveling

Carpet raveling happens due to the localization of carpet into a small area, furniture moves, improperly installed carpeting, and general wear and tear.



  • Sealed the edges with heat.
  • Trim away frayed or fuzzy carpet edges down to the height frequently.
  • Keep cutting loosely carpet fibers before they become frayed.
  • In case of extensive damage, you may have to install new carpets. Contact your professional installer for assistance in repairs.


Need to Replace Old or Damaged Carpeting? Call Seaside Carpet Cleaning Services Now!

Keep in mind that proper care and maintenance, including a regular professional carpet cleaning regime, is still the best way to avoid carpet problems and increase the longevity of your carpet.

So, give it a try. We know the results will be up to the mark, just like you expect. Call us now!

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