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How to Pick the Right Rug Cleaning Company

Rugs are often mistaken for carpets. Some people don’t even know the difference between a carpet and a rug, and as a result, they end up buying what they were not looking to buy. Both carpets and rugs are decorative textiles made of different materials intended to use as floor covering. 

Carpets cover the entire floor stretching from wall to wall and are affixed to the flooring, while the rugs are smaller in size than the square footage of your living room or bedroom and not fixed to the floor. The Rugs are easy to roll and easy to move from one place to another. Using rugs on tile and marble flooring, keep your feet warm in winters by acting as insulation.

Rugs come in different colors, textures, designs/patterns, etc. They can create a frame in which you place your furniture or define any space in your home. They add vibrant texture to your rooms, and many people like to buy rugs matching the color of their furniture or living space. It looks more fashionable to the people visiting your home.

Rugs can be used in the following places:

  • In your living room
  • In your kitchen
  • In your bedrooms
  • In your Dining Area
  • You can use it in bathrooms with a large area
  • You can use it in the hallways
  • Under the stairs or for covering the stairs
  • You can use it in the foyer

Just like carpets, rugs also trap dust, dirt, pet hair, and other harmful allergens. Due to heavy foot traffic, your rugs take a rough beating and end up looking dirty and old. You can vacuum Rugs once a week, and whenever you witness that your Rugs are visibly dirty or have an odor, you can clean them by using simple homemade solutions, but trust it isn't enough for the rugs that hold old stains. If your Rugs are delicate and costlier, it's advisable to hire a professional cleaning company. It will prevent any damage to your costlier rug, and only professionals can do a professional clean-up of your Rugs and turn the old and dirty Rugs into a new-ones.

Have you ever used any professional rug cleaning company before? If not, then this article is a guide on how to choose the right rug cleaning company. So, continue reading….

5 Questions to ask the Rug cleaning Company

1. When did you start working as a rug cleaning company?

The older company has the most experienced workers, most market presence, the insight knowledge about the industry, and years of experience bring more professionalism in cleaning jobs. By doing the same task over the years the cleaning companies become familiar with all the cleaning techniques, tools & products used for carpets cleaning and rugs.

Before you hire a cleaning company, do ask:

  • Year of establishment
  • What types of jobs have they done over the past years?
  • What their clients feel about them.


2. What type of cleaning solution do you use? Do they have any side effects?

Have you invested a good amount buying rugs? You need to check right tools, methods, and right cleaning products are used to clean Rugs. To avoid any damage or shrinking of your Rugs certainly, you got to be more careful before hiring a cleaning company

Most cleaning companies use environmentally-friendly products having trademark sign on them and are safe for your rugs. These products don’t even cause any ill effects on your pets and kids. Though, we advise you to keep your pets and kids away from the cleaning sites. Ask the cleaning company if they offer you a green, eco-friendly cleaning environment and if their products have any side effects before you contract them for your cleaning job.

3. What cleaning method do you use?

The cleaning method depends upon the condition of the rug. To put it in simple words, if your Rugs have old stains or have trapped too much soil, dust, and dirt and have never got cleaned, then it requires a deep clean. If your rug is new and smells good, then only vacuuming will work.

Seaside carpet cleaning company offers a hot water extraction method for removing the stains and extracting the dust and soil trapped beneath the backing of the rugs. 

Do ask the cleaning company how ethical their cleaning methods are in dealing with the oldest of stains. If the company is genuine, they will inform you sometimes it becomes a challenge to remove the old and stubborn rug stain.

You can also ask them if they can offer you spot cleaning in case of emergency spills.

4. How many happy customers do you have?

Instead of asking this question directly to the company better you do some surveys and check their testimonials. You can talk to the people who have used their services and take the feedback. Beware of companies that deny sharing their past customer's details.

You can check the feedback of our happy by clicking the following link

5. Is your company Insured for accidental damage?

A question worth asking before finalizing a cleaning company. You got to be sure that the cleaners walking in your home are fully insured to be on the safer side. You should check if they have the insurance in place and everything is covered.

At seaside carpet cleaning our cleaners are fully insured, well-trained, and skilled to perform any cleaning task avoiding any accident.


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