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Before Our Carpet Cleaners Arrive: What You Need to Do

Are you thinking about having your carpets cleaned by professionals to improve the appearance and feel of your house, remove stubborn stains, or reap the health advantages of carpet cleaning? In that case, you may be wondering how to prepare the area for carpet cleaners.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning the home, carpets, rugs, and relocating all of your furniture, but there are some basic actions you can do to help with the process of cleaning carpets in your home.

In this blog we will discuss some basic things you can do before your professionals arrive, starting with:

Identify the Problematic Areas:

The more information your carpet cleaners have, the better they will treat your carpet. Make a note of any places that concern you. Inform your carpet cleaners if you know what created the stain.

If you've already attempted to cure the spot or stain, tell the carpet cleaners what you used before and how you used it. Because there are so many ways to treat and clean your carpet, your carpet cleaners must have the details for better results. 

Prepare a list of all the tough stains you believe need to be cleaned; writing it down is highly recommended because there is a chance you will forget some spots, and it is adequate to be prepared ahead of time.

Move Furniture:

Decide whether or not you want your furniture moved before your carpet cleaners arrive. Some companies prefer that your rooms be empty, while others offer to move your furniture for a fee, and still, others recommend cleaning around the furniture due to drying time issues. When you schedule your appointment, inquire about your furniture options with the carpet cleaning company.


The carpet cleaning industry holds that vacuuming is the most important step in the carpet cleaning process. As a result, vacuum your home before your carpet cleaners arrive to ensure a thorough cleaning. Alternatively, inquire whether your carpet cleaner vacuums as part of their service; many do.

Examine Your Carpets:

After you've cleared the carpeted areas, you should check your carpet. Before the carpet cleaner arrives at your house, it is incredibly beneficial to conduct your examination beforehand, as cleaners will do the same before cleaning the carpet. Take a wander around and take a careful look. Pay close attention to your carpet for any area that has been obscured by furnishings. Take note of the marks and stains' locations. Even better, if you recall what created the stain, make a note of it. 

Take notice of heavy traffic areas on your carpet as well as traffic patterns in your home. You're ready to give your carpet cleaner a tour now that you've inspected it yourself. You'll be able to show them the marks and stains, so they know what to do. You'll also be able to describe which parts of your house receive the most traffic. Because you can immediately acquaint the carpet cleaner with the particular problems of your carpet, your pre-inspection boosts the efficiency of your carpet cleaning.

Make Sure Your Children And Pets Are Not Near the Cleaning Area:

Your pets are a member of your family. Inform your carpet cleaner ahead of time that you have pets. It allows your cleaner to arrive prepared with the appropriate solutions for treating pet-related soils. They might even bring your pet a treat.

Most cleaning companies use non-toxic solutions but as precautions, make sure that your pets and children are away while the carpet gets cleaned. Setting up a room that hasn't been cleaned, letting them play outside, or taking them to a friend's or neighbor’s house are all excellent options. It allows the carpet cleaning technician to move freely, and you can rest assured that your pets and children are safe.

Make Some Space in Your Driveway:

It is convenient if carpet cleaner can park their van in your driveway. Their truck is equipped with a hot water extraction machine. By parking in your driveway, their truck and all of their equipment are as close to your house as possible. Parking in your driveway also allows your cleaner to keep their hoses on your property rather than on the sidewalk or in the yard of your neighbor. And their equipment is undoubtedly safe from theft in your driveway.


Cleaning will be more efficient and effective if you do these six simple things before your carpet cleaner arrives. You won't have to worry about anything, and you'll be able to enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets sooner. For more carpet cleaning-related information, you can visit our website, or you can call 760-439-3989 for any Inquiry.