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Professional Cleaning Methods for Your Sofa or Couch

Have you ever noticed dirt or filth on your fabric or leather couch? If it isn’t cleaned, it might quickly start to trigger allergic reactions including sneezing, eye-watering, and even worse symptoms. 

Bringing in new furniture feels amazing! However, cleaning them is something that everyone should think about. And certainly, it's not as simple as you may assume. Stains on clothing are not the same as stains on your favorite couch. And getting them out involves a lengthy process! The couch's durability is always harmed by eating there, spilling coffee, or eating greasy meals. And to preserve them, you must opt for a professional couch cleaning service. Seaside Carpet Cleaning's team works hard to clean your couches and give them a brand-new look and feel after each wash.

Here, let’s look at 5 Professional Cleaning Methods for Your Sofa

1. Vacuum Cleaning

vacuum cleaning

Vacuuming is performed using a good filter and adjustable power. Most of the time, a turbo brush is used to vacuum the sofa and its cushion. A complete end-to-end vacuum is conducted to extract every loose particle of the dust adhering to your sofa.

2. Green cleaning method

Eco-friendly cleaning agents that are safe for use on polyester, rayon, velvet/crushed, nylon, micro fiber, and blended cotton are used in the cleaning process. The products are mild and help in breaking down soil, stains, dirt, and oil to remove them easily. The primary goal is to clean your sofas without using any chemicals that could be dangerous to your children, pets and environment.

3. Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction for your sofas or couch will help you to keep the fabric’s texture. As it just needs water for cleaning, your upholstery is shielded from dangerous chemicals. Using high-temperature steam, cleaning experts will ensure a thorough cleaning by removing dust, bacteria, grime, and other hazardous particles from the surface of the sofa. This technique ensures that there won't be a damp or soggy aftereffect by removing extra moisture along with dirt and dust. As few of the fabrics require extra attention and detail, A hand tool, made of soft horsehair is used to ensure your couch is absolutely safe and sound. The truck mount with the upholstery tool attachment rinses and removes filth from your upholstery with hot water. The result is a significant reduction in fabric shrinking, and the entire sofa may be thoroughly cleaned in just a few hours. In addition to being more cost-effective, this procedure guarantees the best cleaning when compared to others. 

The key benefits of steam cleaning are: 

  • It is environment friendly
  • It removes accumulated filth and residue; and 
  • Most of the moisture from the cleaning is eliminated for faster drying.

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4. Power of Carbonation Cleaning

Carbonation is a terrific, efficient cleaning technique that safely and gently deep cleans your sofas and couches. It is also environmentally friendly and ensures that your sofa is returned in as-new condition. This technique takes only about 4 to 6 hours and requires much less water. The amount of cleaning agents used is only a tenth of what is needed for steam cleaning. This technique releases millions of tiny carbonating cleaning bubbles into your sofas. This solution permeates your carpet deeply, creating bubbles that lift the debris to the surface. When they are lifted to the surface, they can be quickly removed by wiping. Additionally, it minimizes future accumulation of dirt and grime by leaving a barrier of protection on the surface.

Benefits of Carbonated Cleaning:

  • Use of Less Water
  • There are no hazardous chemicals or sticky residues.
  • Get Rid of Carpet Stains That Resurface

4. Foam Cleaning

foam cleaning

Foam cleaning is one of the most widely used techniques. It is a type of gentle washing in which surfaces are cleaned with low-pressure foam. Since the foam sticks to the dirt and debris, it may be cleaned up without the use of corrosive chemicals or pressure washers.

As a result, foam cleaning is a safe and friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Benefits of foam cleaning include:

  • It removes oils, grease, and grime efficiently
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Hard-to-reach surfaces can be cleaned with its assistance.


Sofas easily attract dirt and dust. Body oil and grease, as well as pets and children, can take a toll on your sofas. If you are looking for a professional couch cleaning service in Carlsbad or Oceanside, search for a couch cleaning company near me, you will find some best companies at the top of your search.

At Seaside Carpet Cleaning, we do vacuum cleaning, followed by applying eco-friendly cleaning products and use hot water extraction method to remove the dirt and stains from the sofa/couch. 

We use 100% safe and nontoxic cleaning  method and makes sure that your sofas are clean and safe to use thereafter. Every bit of dirt that is concealed in your sofa can be extracted by our team.