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Upholstery steam cleaner

How to Clean Upholstery or Couch with Steam Cleaner

Upholstery steam cleaner is a handheld machine that comes to the rescue when you need to clean the stains and rigid spots on your couch or upholstery. When using it for the first time, you will be thoughtful to ensure that your steam cleaner doesn’t damage your favorite piece.


Always follow the golden rule ‘spot test’ any type of cleaning method and solution so you don’t damage the entire couch. Because you never know which cleaning solution can damage, fade or discolor your upholstery, agree? 


So, always read the cleaning care instructions and follow the mentioned cleaning codes. 


How Steam Cleaners can help you with upholstery cleaning solutions?


Steam cleaners are excellent cleaning equipment that saves a lot of your energy and time in cleaning the dirt, dust, and grime from your couch or fabric furniture. 


Steam cleaners release vapor that not only extracts and embeds rigid dirt and dust but also disinfects your place by killing germs and disease-causing bacteria. No more allergens. No unhealthier environment. 


But, wait. 


How does sanitization happen in steam cleaners?


Steam cleaners release high-temperature vapor that breaks down and dissolve the dirt embedded into your upholstery. And, surprisingly, no harsh or harmful chemicals are used here. You just have to identify the type of your upholstery and follow the right cleaning techniques. 


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Right from removing dust particles and stains to disinfecting build-up grease and allergens from different surfaces, we are all here for you!  




Do you have leather or velvet-based upholstery?


If yes, make sure you read steam cleaning instructions carefully. Check out the manufacturer’s recommended methods for a particular type of upholstery cleaning.


How to clean upholstery with a steam cleaner?


1. Vacuum The Upholstery: First, remove the dirt by giving your upholstery a good vacuum. Use the brush attachment tool if you don’t want to scrub your fabric furniture. Get into every crack and crevice to get rid of dander, pet hairs, dirt, and pollens.

You can also use a clean cloth to remove build-up dust. (In the case of leather upholstery, do not use water or any cleaning agent. 


2. Treat The Stains: Stubborn stains can be a real nuisance. It may require vigorous scrubbing, re-treatment, and a lot of persistence that will not come off with steam cleaner alone. Start with DIY techniques and solutions to clean, blot and vacuum the surface.

  • Use apple or white cider vinegar. Dip the white cloth into the solution and blot the stain.
  • You can also use vodka and baking soda. Dip the sponge and rub gently on your upholstery in a circular motion. 


These DIY solutions subside the smell and clean the fabric gently. 


As a last resort, you can hire a professional cleaning company that will minimize your hands-on efforts and ensures deep cleaning services too.


3. Start with a cushion first


Do you have removable pillows? Start cleaning them first. 


Grab the handle of your steam cleaner and release the high-temperature steam onto the surface. Afterward, wipe off your cushions with the brush attached to your steam cleaner. 


So when the steam hits the cushion, it will wet the fabric. Now drag your steamer over the damp area to pull over excess water. This will pull off the stains and grime from the surface of the cushion fabric. 


Tip: Make sure you steam clean the corners and sidelines of the pillow for deep cleaning.


4. Steam Clean The Rest Of The Upholstery


After cushions, clean the rest of the upholstery following the same steam cleaning method. Just make sure that you start with a small section at a time. Use the brushing tool of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of hidden dirt too. 


Check the results after 20 minutes. Continue the process on every small section of your upholstery. 


In case of a serious time crunch, take help from professional cleaners. They prefer toxic-free cleaning solutions to enhance the shine of your couch. 


5. Let The Fabric Furniture Dry


Once you have completed cleaning all sections of upholstery, let it dry naturally. The amount of time for letting the upholstery dry often depends on the level of humidity that your steam cleaning had and the weather conditions too. 


Tip: Repeat the process if you find any discoloration after steam cleaning.


6. Vacuum It Again


Vacuum the fabric furniture if it takes longer to dry. This will help you to lose the grime and remove the dirt from fabric threads (which are not picked up by the brush tool or steam cleaner).


Tip: Always steam your sofa when you can leave your room window open. This will allow the couch to dry naturally and prevent the steam from building up. 


The Final Words


Steam cleaning of upholstery or fabric furniture at home could be quite easy to do with these above-mentioned steps. 


Follow these steps and tricks and bring back the original shine of your couch. Book an appointment now if you are looking for upholstery cleaning with a steam cleaner.