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How to Clean Outdoor Cushions and Pillows to Keep Them Fresh All Season

And it's spring again. Another winter has come and gone. And….Oh…you just forgot to put your cushions inside. Owing to weather and rain, your cushions can feel that stiffness a few months of the year.

Whether you have a covered balcony turned into a plant paradise or a plush patio space in your backyard filled with minimalistic garden furniture, cushions become an important décor element, and you can’t miss it, right?

You may have your throw pillows from your garden space as a part of cleaning, but cushion cleaning still becomes a necessity.  It demands extra care and extra attention. 

So, how are you going to clean it? Are you looking for a cushion cleaning service, or would prefer a DIY approach?

For D-I-Y Approach, explore the required tools, and supplies and techniques here -

Tools And Supplies Needed To Clean Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

  • Mild Soap: Mild soap is the gentlest option here. You just have to mix mild soap and water and apply them over the stained area.
  • Sponge Brush: Buy a pack of sponge or bristle brushes of different sizes. This will help you in cleaning corners, large areas, and hidden places.
  • Garden hose attachment: Use this attachment for deep and gentle rinsing. This is used especially after cleaning the cushion and pillows with a mild soapy solution.
  • Bleaching Solution: Tired of mildew stains and mold on cushion covers and pillows? Prepare a mixture of soap, water, and bleach and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it onto the affected area. Use a soft cloth to dampen and clean the stain.
  • Grease Stain Remover: Pretreat the stains with a degreaser and use a soft bristle brush to gently rub onto the fabric. 

‘NO BLEACH’ – Do your cushions and pillow have this tag? Try this solution

Extra grubby? Prepare a paste of baking soda and water and pretreat the stains. That’s how you can lift up the rigid stains from your outdoor cushions and pillows. No Bleach. No Alcohol.

Routine cleaning techniques for outdoor cushions

As with most stains, it's best to treat stains on outdoor cushions as soon as possible. So are you looking for some routine cleaning techniques for outdoor cushions and pillows? Follow this technique now -

  • Start with brushing off loose dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of ¼ cup of mild soap and lukewarm water
  • Dip the sponge into the cleaning solution and apply to the cushion
  • Let it soak in for some time and then rinse thoroughly with a garden hose (low pressure)

You can also hire professionals for Upholstery cleaning in Carlsbad for sealed dirt and stains.

Cleaning Solutions for specific types of spots and stains

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows often get dirty and they endure a lot of wear and tear. It can gather dirt, dust, bird droppings, mildew, and debris leading to stains, sometimes. In that case, use these instructions for a specific types of spots and stains:-

Oily Stains: Sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda on the fabric. Use bug spray, or sunscreen to de-grease the oily stain. Let the oil absorb the soda for at most 15 minutes and then gently scrape off through a sharpening ruler. Repeat until the stain is gone.

Mildew: Start with scraping off the mildew or mold as much as possible. Make sure the spores don’t spread to other corners of your house. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray over the affected area. In case of stubborn stains, dampen a cloth with vinegar and place it over the spot. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse and let air dry naturally. 

Tree Sap: In a case where your cushions got tree sap, sprinkle some detergent on it which will automatically create a paste. Gently scrub this with a brush and rinse it with hot water. If you find discoloration, wash your cushion and pillows with oxygen bleach to restore the original color. 


Can I use an upholstery steam cleaner for cleaning patio cushions and pillows?

When it comes to spiffing up your porch or patio for spring, cleaning cushions and pillows ranks top on our to-do list because they have been out all winter long.

DIY follows these steps:

  • Prepare a cleaning solution. Mix 1 tablespoon of Borax with dishwashing liquid soap
  • Add 3-4 cups of lukewarm water and pour into a spray bottle 
  • Spray the solution all over the cushion
  • Take out your upholstery or fabric steam cleaner to get rid of all the bacteria.
  • Rinse it off with garden hose and set it in sun for 24 hours to air dry 

You can also hire us for upholstery steam cleaning and disinfecting your cushions and pillows thoroughly.

The Final Words

Cleaning your outdoor cushions once or twice a year will keep them looking their best and prolong the lifespan of their fabric. Try these cleaning methods with the above-mentioned solutions to disinfect your cushions and pillows and keep them in the best shape possible.

For professional cleaning, we got your back, Seaside Carpet Cleaning Services is just one call away! Call us now!