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how to keep floors clean

Know The Best Way to Keep Your White Floors Clean

Your bathroom, kitchen, or living room isn’t fully clean until you have scrubbed the floors. Although you don’t have to look after scrubbing every time you clean the countertops. However, it is equally important to look after the signs of grime or dirt, or dust on your floor tiles.

But how to keep floors clean? Any secret cleaning solution or scrubbing method won’t work here. But you will have to keep an eye on your floor tiles. 

Light dust patches or a hazy film are signs that your tiles require cursory and tight sweeping. Therefore it’s time to choose the appropriate cleaning technique to keep your white floors clean. 

Okay so now you have vacuumed and swept your surfaces – all that’s left is cleaning the floor tiles. Depending on the kind of floor, you will have to use different cleaning solutions and approaches to sparkle your tiles. 

Here’s the guide to help you choose the best solution for the right tiles and bring back shine and luster to your floorings -  

How to Clean Tile Grout

If you want to keep your white floors clean, make sure you clean the grout thoroughly (That’s the real secret to a great-looking floor tile). 

Tile grout is porous that hardens the gap between tiles. It is often used as a reinforcement filler for the joints between the tiles. Cleaning tile grout can be a bit tricky. Here’s how to do it in quick three steps -:

  • Make a DIY grout cleaner: Prepare a cleaning solution of water and baking soda. Do not use commercial cleaners for cleaning tile grout.
  • Scrub grout: Apply this solution on the stain and let it sit overnight. Scrub the stain in the morning using a soft bristled brush. Repeat the process as per the requirement.
  • Seal grout: Lastly, seal the grout by applying silicone-based sealer to avoid future stains. For the best result, you can seal the grout after 14 days when it is renewed or installed perfectly. 

You can always hire tile cleaning oceanside to save you time and energy. 

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Thankfully ceramic and porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance! Just sweep and wash with a mild detergent and clean your tiles in just a few minutes. 

Take a sponge and dip it into the detergent mixed with hot water. Wipe it over the tiles and get rid of dirt and spots. If you find residue leftover, apply a slightly mildly acidic store-bought solution. It will remove every kind of soapy residue. 

You can also try a steam cleaner for sealing the floors and tiles. Such tiles only need water to get the job done.  

Dry them naturally. You can use a lint-free cloth to avoid any water spots on the tiles. 

Cork Tiles

Take a damp mop and wipe off factory-sealed cork tiles with a liquid wash-up solution. In the case of high-traffic areas, use polyurethane sealant. It gives an additional layer of protection to your kitchen and bathroom tiles. 

Do not steam mop cork tiles. It can damage the seal or protective coating by dragging furniture or appliances across them. 

Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum is a floor-covering tile made from renewable materials like linseed oil or wood. 

Before applying any cleaning solutions to Linoleum tiles, first vacuum or sweep to remove dirt and dust. 

Clean your tiles using Borax detergent and water or any store-bought solution. Give your tiles a clean rinse after washing them. You can apply buff or wax every 3 to 6 months to add shine to your tiles. 

Do not steam mop because Linoleum tiles are highly susceptible to water damage.

How do you clean Stone Tiles? 

Stone is susceptible to stains. Therefore you should protect it with a resin sealant. You can vacuum the stone thoroughly and sweep it with a mild detergent solution. Use a proprietary spot treatment stain remover for removing oil and grease from the stone. 

Looking for the best ways to clean stone tiles? 

Use dishwashing detergent and water or a few drops of mild detergent whose pH is neutral. However, do not use too much soap or cleaning solution. It may leave a film and cause streaks on your tiles. 

Different cleaning solutions for different types of stone tiles - 

  • Granite Tiles – Choose a mild cleaning solution that has a neutral pH level. A harsh cleanser can leave spots on your tiles and may lead to discoloration. You can use bluff to keep your tiles bright and shiny.
  • Marble Tiles – Marble Tiles are prone to streaking and discoloration with harsh chemical cleaners. Also, these are high-maintenance tiles. So, stay away from anything that might scratch your tiles like hard brushes or scouring powder.
  • Slate Tiles – Slate tiles don’t contain any acidic properties, like vinegar or lemon. So you will need to prepare a solution of dish soap and water. Mop the floor with this solution and keep changing the water frequently. Dry with a soft towel immediately to avoid water spots.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is super resilient tiles that are easy to maintain and clean, no matter the color. Vacuum or mop the surface to remove dust and debris with water and vinegar or vinyl cleaning solution.  

Do not use brushes with tough bristles or scouring powder as it may scratch the surface. 

How to clean wooden floors

Sealed wooden floors require damp mopping or sweeping. Do not use water or cleaning solution on the wooden surface or wet mops. It can swell and split. 

In case of unsealed and waxed floors, sweep them regularly. Use wax sparingly as it can attract dirt and debris easily and may leave worn patches on the surface.

Also, avoid acidic cleaners or vinegar, which can distort the wooden floors.

The Final Words

The most important part about keeping your white floors clean is the material. Different types of tiles require a different type of cleaning solution - mild or heavy or neutral pH level. 

Therefore determine the kind of floors in your bathroom or living room or kitchen and then choose the detergent solution. 

If you are still in doubt, hire professional tile and grout cleaning services. Call Seaside Carpet Cleaning now and get your floors clean today!