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Know How To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom might be a time-consuming affair. But, we can all agree on how important it is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom.

Many times steam, water, and grime often make your bathroom prone to fungus, bacteria, and unwanted odors (sometimes gross too). However, the process of bathroom cleaning isn’t as complicated as you think it might be. 

You just need to prepare a checklist and start sanitizing your sink, faucets, tiles, and fixtures step by step. And, for deep cleaning, you can always ask professionals to come to your place.

Bathroom sink

The bathroom sink is the first place to show grime and gunk. You will always find toothpaste build-up, hair strands, and dust. To clean your bathroom sink, you should- 

Spray disinfectant cleaner everywhere in the sink. Wipe it off with a clean cloth. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes and then use clean water. 

Wipe off the faucet handles with a clean cloth or sponge to kill the germs.

Shower Head

Neglecting the cleaning process of the shower head can bring millions of germs into your lungs. To clean the shower head, you should-

Take a grocery plastic bag and pour a good amount of white vinegar. Make sure the quantity is enough to submerge the showerhead nozzle. Tie this bag onto the shower head overnight and remove it in the morning.


Do daily scrubbing to keep your sink clean and drain-free. Firstly, remove the dust and apply baking soda all around the sink and stains. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dab the clean cloth in vinegar to clean the bends, heads, and strokes of a tap. 

Wipe Countertops and Cabinets

Empty the rack of grooming tools and toiletries, unplug your hairstyling items, and remove decorative accents from cabinets and countertops. This will hasten the cleaning process. 

Start with dusting the countertops and cabinets and spray all-purpose cleaning on the paper towel. Wipe down thoroughly and place a couple of silica gel packets to keep insects and mold at bay. 

For cleaning the tiles and grouts, you can buy tile cleaning cleaner for a shiny and smooth surface.

Mirrors and curtains 

Spray fresh water over the mirrors and wipe them down with a newspaper. This will make your glass look shiny. In case of sticky stains, you can use glass cleaners too. 

During your bathroom cleaning regime, do not forget to clean your curtains. Bring your curtains down and give them a whirl in the washing machine. Take a clean cloth or sponge and dip it into soap water to clean the hinges of the curtain rods. 

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

Cleaning the toilet bowl is one of the most tedious yet unavoidable tasks of bathroom cleaning. If you clean it on a routine basis, it won’t make you feel uneasy while cleaning.

Therefore use a regular disinfectant cleaner. Leave it for at most 20 minutes and till then do the scrubbing of the outer portion of the toilet seat. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the underside lines and the rims that are hard to clean with a toilet brush. 

You can empty a cola bottle or drop 2-3 antacids to make the cleaning process much easier. Flush off the toilet after 15 minutes so that you can get a clean and shiny toilet bowl.

Bathroom tub 

Did you just spot stains and fungus on the outer portion of the bathroom tub? These are the signs that you are not cleaning it regularly. 

Use a tough sponge and dip it into soap water. Scrub it on the edges and sidelines of the tub for deep cleaning. 

Always wipe off your bathroom once you have taken a shower. Open the windows and door and switch on the exhaust fan. This won’t let mildew and mist rest on your bathroom tub. Give ample ventilation to your bathroom so it can dry naturally. 

You can even hire professional tile and grout cleaning. They will deeply clean your toilet bowl and make your bathroom smell good.

Bathroom Fan

Hey! Don’t forget to look up.

Vacuum the dust from the fan wings and its grill. Take a small tub and prepare a soap and water solution. Dip the sponge into the solution and start applying gently on the bathroom fan. Make sure you don’t seep water into the internal parts of the fan. 

And if the grill is detachable, soak it in the water for cleaning. Rinse it off and let it dry naturally. 

When it comes to overall house cleaning, you cannot miss your bathroom. Follow these step-by-step checklists so you do not miss out on any. For deep cleaning, you can always call professionals. 

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