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best way to clean bathroom tile

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 10 Simple Steps

This weekend, are you planning to deep clean your bathroom? Well, bathroom cleaning is quite a time taking and strenuous process. However, ignorance can lead to a massive build of mold and mildew – impacting the health of your family members. 

Every corner needs deep cleaning sometimes—and that demands 2x for the bathroom. Deep cleaning of a bathroom helps you get rid of lurking germs and promotes good hygiene. This further contributes towards creating a conducive living environment in your surroundings. 

Deep cleaning a bathroom isn’t too complex when you know what you’re doing. Follow these 10 simple steps and make your bathroom cleaning process less stressful:

1. Clean Dry Before You Clean Wet

Don’t just start to spray when you reach straight for cleaning your bathroom. Instead, start dusting every particular corner, - light fixtures, edges of a bathtub, and countertops. Give attention to the toilet and baseboards.

Once you are done with dusting, use a wet cloth to clean all the spots and smudges, and dust. This will make your cleaning process much easier.

2. Clear the Clutter

A decluttered and organized bathroom with less stuff tends to look cleaner. Before starting the cleaning process, keep everything in cabinets or drawers or in the right place to minimize dust and dirt. 

For deep cleaning your bathroom, you can spray a solution of white vinegar on a clean microfiber cloth. Open the windows to ensure a lot of air circulation in your bathroom. 

Gently wipe off the items in your bathroom – shampoo bottles, handles, and the surface of cabinets. Move them out of the bathroom and keep them near the window to let them dry. 

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3. Wipe down Surfaces

Give your bathroom the scrub that it requires. Use a disinfecting spray or wipes and scrub down all the surfaces including the floor of the shower, door knobs, sinks, door handles, and handles of faucets. 

Do not forget to sanitize your vanity, all surfaces of your touch, and your tiles and grout. You can use the shower head to rinse off your tiles with warm water. Look for some tips for tile cleaning in Oceanside and make your bathroom look cleaner and fresh in and out. 

4. Clean the Shower

Apply all-purpose or acid-based cleaner to clean the rigid build-up on your shower head. Turn on the tap and wet the walls and floors of your shower. Through this, you can spot the congregation of mildew to understand where you have to deep clean. This is one of the best ways to clean bathroom tile while cleaning the bathroom shower. 

If required, you can buy a commercial grout cleaner or a homemade DIY solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar and apply it on mildewed areas. 

Let it sit for at most 10 minutes. Use a squeeze to clean your mirrors, windows, and bathroom shower and keep them streak-free. Rinse the area once you have removed all the grime.   

5. Clean the Shower Curtain or Doors

It’s time to clean your shower curtains and doors now. You will find most of your shower curtains tossed in the washing machine with a gentle detergent. If you still spot mildew or mold on your curtains, you can add vinegar, baking soda, or bleach for a better cleaning impression.

Use a non-abrasive sponge and wash off your door and walls. Make sure to use a dry cloth to remove the lingering water otherwise, it will look like a stain.  

6. Clean the Toilet

It’s toilet cleaning time now! Give a good scrub to your toilet and don’t forget to get into all the corners. Take a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner and pour it into the sidelines and rim of a toilet bowl. Take a clean toilet brush and give it a good scrub with its gentle bristles. You can also use natural cleaning products like -bleach and baking soda. 

You can spray that outside of your toilet and on the toilet seat. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the seat and the toilet lid. Let it remain for at least 15 minutes and then flush the toilet. 

No one likes to clean the toilet or toilet bowl but when it comes to hygiene, you have no choice. The best you can do is hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company that will take care of toilet cleaning too. 

7. Clean the Vanity Area

Spray all-purpose cleaning solution on the countertops, sink, and faucets. Use scrub pads for scrubbing the tubs and sinks. Use a small detailed brush for cleaning the loose dirt around the drains and faucets and in any crevices. Use a larger brush for scrubbing the tub and the rim of the tub. 

Take a dampened cloth and remove the dust in any corners of the cabinet faces. Use spray or wipes sparingly in the dirtiest section of the toilet. Disinfect every possible nook and corner to keep the grossest parts of your bathroom safe and squeaky clean. 

8. Washing Hand Towels the Right Way

You just cleaned your bathroom tiles and curtains and countertops. Did you forget to wash the hand towels the right way? Well, hand towels trap most of the moisture and are a reason for bacteria stew. 

Use a bleaching solution and sanitize it in the washing machine. Make sure to replace your hand towels the next day. 

Do not hang wet towels near the toilet. It keeps getting wet again repeatedly. Instead, you can hang it from a hook where it can be folded easily. Place it where air can circulate so it can dry naturally after every use. 

9. Degerm the Bathroom Vent

Do not forget to clean bathroom vents. Your bathroom fan also inhales a smorgasbord of airborne particles. This leads to the build-up of dust and grime on the blades.

All you can do is – Remove the circular cover and dip it into lukewarm water. Use a vacuum nozzle attachment for sucking off the rigid dirt and grime. 

Take a clean dampen cloth and apply it on the motor and nooks of the vent. Gently clean the paintbrush and wings of the bathroom vent. Once it dries completely, you can put the cover back. 

10. Put your Bathroom Back Together 

Once all your toiletries are dried, put them back into their place. Make sure you have wiped off all the bottles, soap holders, and handles. Check if there’s anything you need to buy to refill your bathroom space. This is a good time to think about bathroom storage. 

Having a clean bathroom can be essential if you have guests or arrange a small party. By routine cleaning, you can ensure your bathroom is fresh, organized, and ready to welcome the guests you want to have over! Book an appointment with Seaside Carpet Cleaning for deep bathroom cleaning services!