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5 Effective Methods for Cleaning Floor Tiles

Taking care of one’s health should start from our homes. One of the most unclean, unhygienic, and germ-ridden surfaces in a home is its floor tiles, ranking just behind toilet seats and door handles.

When it comes to cleaning floor tiles, it takes hours to clean them. Without proper cleaning, floor tiles may seem to be clean, but would still be a petri dish for germs to flourish.

Plus, proper cleaning and maintenance of floor tiles add to their life as well, reducing your overall home maintenance costs. If the floor tiles are not maintained and cleaned well, they tend to wear out much earlier than their normal lifespan.

In this busy and hectic lifestyle where we do not have enough time to give to ourselves, we do whatever we can when it comes to cleaning floor tiles. Most of the time it is simple vacuuming and mopping with a floor cleaner. 

At Seaside Carpet Cleaning, we are a team of thorough cleaning professionals who are committed to their work. We follow the best tile cleaning practices that suits the need for any type of floor tiles when it comes to cleaning.

Our five-step process can be tailored by keeping in mind the type and condition of your flooring as well as your budget. Our floor cleaners use the latest in cleaning technology and a practical, safe, and hygienic method to bring back the glaze of your tiles. 

With Seaside Carpet Cleaning, you can get grime and grout-free, clean, glossy, and germ-free tiles. You can relive the experience of installing new flooring in your home.

Our 5-Step Floor Tile Cleaning Process

Before we really begin cleaning the floor, we inspect what kind of tiles you have – ceramic, porcelain, travertine, or any other type. Depending upon the type and the condition of your tiles, our highly trained tile cleaning service experts assemble appropriate tools, identify the best techniques & methods, and devise a plan to start cleaning.

They will not hesitate or cut-corner to perform a pre-treatment if required.

Here’s the 5-level process!

Vacuum Cleaning the Floor

We start cleaning by removing the dirt, sand, grit, or mud which could otherwise scratch the floor. We use a clean dry Swiffer and high-powered vacuum cleaners to get rid of everyday dirt and cobwebs from corners and edges finely.

Damp Cleaning

Then comes the part where a specially prepared cleaning solution is sprayed out on the surface. It doesn’t harm like other chemicals and can easily extract that thick layer of dirt from the surface of tiles. Besides cleaning dust, it kills harmful bacteria and viruses. We use high-pressurized hot water to rinse the floor to get effective results. This not only weeds out the grime but also loosens the soil under it.

Here's the grime-free floor!

Cleaning grout

Once the tiles are cleaned, grout’s the next. We have this specially designed solution spread over the lines and intersections finely. In fact, it can clear the grout irrespective of what the color is. This is properly tested by our tile cleaners keeping in mind that it does not damage the tiles.

It is left for a few minutes.

And finally, it has degraded. This solution wipes out each and every line of grout from intersecting corners to fine edges around the floor and degreases.

Here are the clean tiles with clean grouts.

But we don’t stop here, we are accustomed to giving the best tile cleaning service, hence the 2-bonus process.

Steam Extraction

The final and most important step is to wash off the grime using steam extraction.

This neutralizes the tile and grout area. And further, the water is vacuumed up along with remaining dust, if any. 

This step could be magical because it could help in keeping the tile floor cleaner for a longer period.

The Check

We don’t just do the cleaning and are done. Our services have a motto, “No compromise on quality”. That's why our tile cleaners in Carlsbad check every corner and edge of the grout and tiles manually. Cleaners make sure that the floor is cleaned perfectly.


Gone are the days when rubbing and scratching tiles with those harmful chemicals would not only wear out the expensive tiles but also make your body ache. With technology comes a better option, and Seaside Carpet Cleaning are dedicated to giving harmless treatment to your flooring, making them clean and germ-free. We offer effective tile cleaning in Carlsbad without spending exhausting hours cleaning! 

To avoid the unsafe and unclean environment in your home, and to improve the lifespan of your floor tiles, you must take care of them regularly. If you don’t have time, then you can also hire professionals to clean your floor tiles.