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how to clean a house

15 Secrets to Cleaning Your Home in Half the Time

Your window grills have dust

Oh! And your carpet is stinking with pet urine. 

Your child just dropped an ink on your favorite upholstery. 

Phew! This is too much to handle. 

Cleaning is not your favorite pastime. But it is something that you have to do and you can’t escape to optimize your psyche and home life. 

If you procrastinate or escape from doing, soon your space will be cluttered with dust, debris, dirt, and grime. And gradually it will start affecting your mental and physical wellness. 

A clutter-free, clean, and dust-free home keeps allergens and pollutants at bay and brings freshness to your place. 

But, wait. 

Are you cleaning your house the right way?

Are you dusting every nook and corner regularly? 

Or you are confused as to how to get started with the piled-up cleaning tasks?

We have sought expert advice, tricks, and cleaning suggestions to effectively clean your house in half the time. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started on the cleaning mission.

Here we are dropping secrets to clean your home quickly and effectively. Let’s dive deep into:-

1. Train Your Mind To Clean Clutter

Studies have found that when you start with house cleaning, you tend to spend a significant amount of time decluttering things. And on some days when you are moody or not ready for cleanup, you end up spending more time decluttering and organizing things in their respective places . 

Thus, it is extremely imperative to train your mind to clean clutter. Secondly, develop a habit of cleaning your room before going out. This habit will keep things organized and clean your home half the time. 

P.S.: Cleaning is mentally healthy. According to Dr. Brown, cleaning your space calms down your cortisol level, brings mental peace, and potentially improves your mood.

2. Clean the whole house, not just one room at a time

Cleaning becomes less tedious and much more effective when you pick one task and follow the same in the rest of the rooms. Don’t spend a whole day just cleaning a kitchen or bathroom. 

Instead, pick one task like dusting, vacuuming, or mopping and do the same in all the rooms. Practice common cleaning routinely to keep your house fresh and hygienic. This is how you don’t have to start the same cleaning task over and again. 

3. Follow a System

“How to clean a house?” 

Seems haunting, right? Prepare a system and follow the same order every time. This will increase your speed and you won’t be wasting time thinking and running back and forth. You just have to be consistent and that’s not a gimmick. 

4. Clean the Microwave Like a Champ

Baked food, dropped slice, and liquid mess is no less than a war zone inside of your microwave. And if you let them sit for longer, cleaning can get tougher. It can make your microwave smelly and a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Trick: Place a cup full of water into the microwave and heat it to boiling. This will create moisture and become easier to clean up the loose dirt – top, bottom, and side. 

Always unplug your microwave before cleaning and be careful while handling the microwave glass plate. 

5. Vacuum in Rows

Vacuum is a must in any home, especially when you have carpets. Most people think vacuuming is no more rocket science. Just plug in and go. But, believe me, you need to master the art of vacuuming for removing dirt and dust from your home. 

  • Firstly, you have to follow a vacuuming regime.
  • Secondly, always dust first and vacuum later.
  • Vacuum high-traffic areas once a week. This will make your cleaning task less difficult.
  • Keep moving your furniture while doing the vacuum so it can pass every nook and cranny. 

Most importantly, use the right vacuum cleaner. For instance, area rugs have looped fibers. You can’t use beater bars for vacuuming them. Instead, use a cervical tool to deeply vacuum the edges and corners. Choose the correct attachments as per the type of furniture or drapes.

However, there are certain tasks – washing rugs, waxing furniture, and cleaning tiles and grout that need not be done each week. But, inspect them once a week.

6. Use Smart Cleaning Tools

Do you want to clean your house like a professional? Invest in smart cleaning tools. You need to have certain things like -:

  • Magnetic window cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microwave cleaner
  • Scrubbing gloves
  • Multi-purpose duster 

You can save a lot of energy and time. All these cleaning tools will help you clean your home quickly and effortlessly. Visit your local store and get these cleaning tools.

7. Always Follow A Cleaning Checklist

Are you planning a Christmas Party? 

Cleaning your home becomes the priority here. So, how and where to start? 

Prepare a checklist first. 

There are several corners and spots in your house. Instead of getting perplexed with where to start, follow a cleaning checklist. This will save you a lot of your time.

You won’t have to think and clean. 

That is why almost all professional carpet cleaning in Carlsbad follow a standard cleaning checklist to get things done in an organized way. 

8. Make cleaning a group activity

Cleaning the entire house isn’t a one-man thing. You will have to involve your entire family to get things done in half the time. Assign different cleaning tasks to different members and make it fun-loving and amusing. Gift a prize to whoever cleans the place perfectly. Cleaning together can be a good lesson for your kids too. 

9. Clean Furniture Fabric

When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, make sure you look after cleaning the furniture or upholstery too.

  • Clean the pillow covers
  • Take out furniture blankets
  • Remake beds
  • Clean the corner spaces of furniture 

You can use a vacuum extension to brush your furniture surface deeply.

Note: Determine the type of fabric and read the cleaning tag on your furniture.

10. Do Clean Your Dishwasher

When did you last clean your dishwasher? A few months back, probably? 

An uncleaned dishwasher is a reason for potential mold growth. If there are any food particles left in the dishwasher it can lead to mold spores. Therefore, clean your dishwasher routinely.

  • Flush out the interior and exterior portion of the dishwasher
  • Spray water on a filter, door gasket, silverware basket, filter, and panels
  • Apply a mixture of diluted bleach and warm water onto your dishwasher and leave for 30 minutes 

11. Clean What You Clean With

To clean your house neatly and properly, clean all the scrubs and sponges, and tools before you even start using them. 

If you do not clean your tools beforehand, you will end up spending more time on cleaning. This is the most important thing to consider if you want to clean your home in half the time.

12. Battle Bathroom Mold

Are you battling with the bathroom mold? 

Mold often haunts bathrooms more than anything else. This happens when your bathrooms aren’t ventilated completely which leads to mold and mildew. 

Therefore, after using the bathroom, keep the doors and windows open for proper ventilation. Turn on the exhaust fan. Sweep the water from the surface, tile walls, and shower door. 

You can also hire professionals for tile cleaning in Carlsbad to bring back the shine of your bathroom tiles.

13. Scrubbing Power

Are you rehabbing a house for reselling and renting? Make sure you clean the tile and grout thoroughly. 

Applying any basic cleaning solution and some elbow grease can clean your tiles and grout. 

Moreover, before buying any cleaning solution, read the reviews and understand the process of applying it on tiles and grout. 

If required, you can use a drill brush for motorized scrubbing performance. All you need to do is attach the drill to the brush for cleaning corners and fine linings in between. 

However, in case of rigid stains and spots, you should look for experts for tile cleaning in Carlsbad.

14. Defeat Mineral Deposits

Did you just spot stains on your plumbing fixtures? These happen due to mineral deposits present in hard water. 

Wait. Don’t clean them with pads or bristle brushes. It can bring unwanted scratches to your fixtures and faucets. 

Instead, use white vinegar for removing stains from plumbing fixtures. Dip a clean cloth into white vinegar and wipe the fixtures. You just need to spend 5 minutes cleaning your fixtures and faucets and bring back that newly bought sparkle.

15. Don’t Forget Your Drains

Making drain cleaning a routine activity can keep enzymes and bacteria at bay. It can help you with your plumbing system, even your sewage system. 

All you need to do is prepare a solution of baking soda and white soda in equal proportion and pour it into the drain. Let it fizzle and react. Leave it for an hour. Flush hot water and clean the solution from the drain. 

This will remove rigid grease and grime building. Do it every month or two for the best results to avoid stubborn clogs.

The Final Words 

Cleaning the entire home in just half the time seems quite a daunting task. However, you can achieve this by following a checklist, using modern tools and equipment, and some smart tactics.

Make cleaning your routine activity so you don’t have to stress while cleaning your entire home. These above-mentioned secret cleaning hacks will surely clean your place in no time. 

For professional assistance, you can always count on Seaside Carpet Cleaning. Our cleaning champions will take delicate care of your lovely home, leaving no stone unturned!