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Wise Ways to Keep Carpets Clean

Any item that is well-maintained will last longer than its mentioned life expectancy. Carpets are no exception to the rule. A carpet that is regularly cleaned and cared for can be used for a longer duration.

carpets take a lot of abuse for the owners. From walking on them with muddy and pointed-heel shoes to dropping food, oil, paint, flour, and whatnot, we tend to take carpets for granted. Some of us don’t bother with even vacuuming them until we are having some guests over or until the carpet looks too dirty.

Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad can be tough what with it being a coastal city with strong winds blowing. Carpets tend to absorb a lot of dirt and not to mention sand that can be found in abundance. By following a few tips and tricks, we can keep the carpets neat and clean and also ensure that they last for some years.



Tips & Trick to Keep Carpet Neat and Clean


Vacuum- Get It Right


  • We all know that vacuuming carpets will remove the dirt. But we should also know how to vacuum the carpets. We could damage the carpet by setting the vacuum too close to the carpet. Of course, if we set it too high, there is no point in using it.
  • Don’t just vacuum the carpet. Start with the surrounding areas, right from the main door. The dirt comes with our feet and sticks to the carpet, cutting through the fine threads.
  • It is even better if you have water-absorbent mats near the entrance so that those who enter the house will wipe their feet on it.
  • Vacuum twice or once a week, depending on the amount of dust that gets accumulated in the house.

Get Rid of the Stains Immediately


  • Act immediately when something falls on the carpet and stains it. The longer the stain sits on the carpet, the harder it is to remove it.
  • Most of the time, fresh stains can be removed using plain water. Start by pressing a clean cloth over the stain to absorb the excess.
  • Take a damp cloth and clean the stain, rubbing gently on it. Use more than one piece of cloth if necessary.
  • Do not scrub the stain. Don’t use brushes or scrub pads to remove the stain.

Hire a Professional


  • We think that regular care eliminates the need to hire a professional for the job. But we would be wrong. No matter how much we follow the care tips, we cannot work as effectively as a professional does.
  • Many companies provide carpet cleaners in Oceanside who have years of experience in cleaning the carpets without harming the quality of the material.
  • If you are worried about their charges, you can hire them once in a year or so, as long as you take good care of the carpet during that period.
  • The process of cleaning a carpet can take from an hour to three, depending on the dirt and stains accumulated on it, the size and material of the carpet.
  • Ask in advance what all services are included in the process. They usually provide vacuuming, spot, and stain removal, preconditioning, and deodorizing of the carpet.

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