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Why Vacuuming is not a Replacement of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Carpeting homes and offices are always in trend as it adds to the beauty of the interior space. Homeowners are advised to vacuum their carpets regularly to keep them clean which helps to maintain the appearance and fluff the carpet fibers to increase its life span. Though vacuuming the carpet is not enough all the time as it doesn’t clean the stains and pet urine odor. Most of the homeowners give their carpet’s a regular vacuum and overlook the professional deep carpet cleaning. You can get by it for some time but over a period of time, your carpet will start ageing and weaken. Carpets will trap dirt, small dust particles, bacteria, pet hair and will develop a foul smell. No matter how many times you vacuum your carpet this will not completely clean your carpets and they will still look dirty. Pets, kids and simple walking indoors drag dirt and debris into your homes, and carpets are likely to accumulate these types of particles.

 Adding to the fact most of the time people walk straight on your carpets with shoes on and you will find it hard to clean the hard crushed particles stuck into your carpet fibers. Even vacuuming can’t remove those particles completely, only professional carpet cleaning companies can help you to get the dirt and grime out of your carpet. Many can still think vacuuming is enough to get rid of the particles, indirectly they welcome many health hazards like allergy and asthma. Besides vacuuming on regular basis there are other benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned: -

The Benefits of Deep Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

1.Reduce Allergan’s

Allergan’s like dust, pollen, and pet dander make life miserable for many people with bad allergies and other skin infections. Vacuuming alone won’t help you to get rid of them. To ensure everyone’s health safety it’s better to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Additionally, we can also clean the upholstery to remove allergens embedded in the fibers.

2.Eliminate bacteria

It’s very important to keep your home or workspace as germ-free as possible. Regularly disinfecting surfaces will kill bacteria. Spraying Lysol or other organic disinfectants won’t do much to get rid of the germs and neither vacuuming will help. The only way to get your carpets free from germs and other harmful bacteria is by getting a professional deep clean. The professionals use cleaning agents that are specially designed to remove bacteria.

3.Improve indoor Air quality

The build-up dust and debris don’t only stay in the carpet fibers instead do floats up polluting the air, spreading allergens and bacteria in the entire house. Again, if you think Vacuuming will do a thing, no it won’t. Hire our team who use powerful equipment to remove the unseen contaminants thus improving the air quality inside your home.

4.Clear Spots and Stains

While vacuuming can only remove some dirt from the carpet fibers, old spots and stains remain untouched. It’s almost impossible for carpet owners to remove the old stains by themselves. Whether it’s an old stain from dropped food, coffee, wine, or any form of liquid our Professionals will clean it and will make your carpet looks as good as new. Our skilled carpet cleaners Carlsbad are insured and are one call away.

5.Increase Carpet Lifespan

It’s a true fact that vacuuming the carpets can fluff the fibers and prolong their lifespan. But that doesn’t mean it can benefit as much as a deep clean do. Professional deep cleaning is a must that lifts the fibers up, making your carpet look new while ensuring it lasts for years.

6.Save your time & lesser your efforts

Cleaning carpets is a time taking process which buys both your time and effort. From moving furniture, cleaning stubborn stains to lifting heavy equipment is a tiring task. Knowing that carpets come at a heavy cost so cleaning them timely is important to extend the life of your carpets. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company saves both your time and energy while doing the job in a much proper and professional way.

Final Conclusion

Carpets add beauty to our home décor while making the interiors look luxurious. The carpet flooring is really comfortable to sit, play or work. In winters some carpets keep your floors warm. This versatile nature of carpets makes them a part of every home. To regain the real texture and charm of your old carpets on time deep clean is a must. The deep cleaning of the carpets can only be handled by a professional company. Aside from regular vacuuming, make sure to get your carpets professionally cleaned by calling the experts at Seaside Carpet Cleaning on 760-439-3989 or you can book the service by visiting our website