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How can I make my Carpet Last Longer?

Carpets are the most essential and high-maintenance form of décor that enhances your living space. We all know that dirty carpets are not at all pleasant to look at. They leave a negative impression on your house and cleaning standards.

With everything that goes on in your routine, how are you supposed to find ample time for cleaning your carpets thoroughly? To make your carpets look brand new, you need to invest good quality time and energy in understanding and applying DIY carpet cleaning tips.     

So, if you are planning to keep your carpets for more than a few years, here are some of the key steps that will enhance the quality of your expensive carpet-

Keep the Dirt Outside

Removing shoes when entering a home is culturally abided in many houses. And, this habit often keeps dirt and dust outside. In the best case, you can place a mat at the entrance of your home and one at the back door. However, whilst one is helpful and the latter is more effective.

Laying down a mat in high-traffic areas will keep your carpet protected. You may not realize this, but dirt tracked onto the carpet eventually shifts down from one corner to another and grinds away at the fibers.

This leads to wear and tear of the carpet. And when you try to clean the carpet, it still looks dirty and dull because the surface of the fiber is distorted.

Spot Cleaning

Does your carpet come with stain warranties?

No matter what, you still have to clean off the spots and spills from the carpet.

Today, most carpets come with a spot removal chart that includes a list of various methods and materials for removing spots from your carpet.

Remember, your carpet is a delicate fabric. You don’t have to clean off the whole carpet. Go for spot cleaning. Pour the DIY solution only onto the affected area and blot it gently. Note that rubbing or extensive scrubbing can tear off your carpet.

You can always hire a steam carpet cleaner service for a professional spot cleaning solution.

Treat Spills and Stains Immediately

Be it coffee spills, ink drop, or pet accidents, do not allow stains and spills to settle on your carpet. Remember the longer they sit, the harder they are to get out. Also, when you don’t treat spills right into the moment, it leaves an unpleasant smell and disturbs the entire surrounding.

Book an appointment with Seaside Carpet Cleaning now to get the job done at the right time. Our team will ensure that your carpet is cleaned without using harsh chemicals.

Vacuum Regularly

Carpets are a necessity especially during winter to maintain warmth in your house. Vacuuming regularly and following a proper cleaning schedule can help you in keeping your carpets clean and make them last longer.

Through this, you are stopping loose dirt from getting trodden deep into the carpet fiber which would lead to thinning and matting.

Therefore, follow a vacuuming routine and reduce the chance of dust build-up in your rugs and fibers. Also, if you have pets, you need to increase the frequency of vacuuming the carpet.

Limit Direct Sunlight to your Carpet

Do you know direct sunlight can cause fading of your carpet color?

This is a common problem for most dark-colored carpets. And therefore, using a lighter carpet in rooms with conservatories or large windows becomes a smarter decision.

However, the best way to get rid of this problem is to shut off your blinds and curtains when the sun rays are directly hitting your carpets. As a result, buying fluorocarbon protectors becomes the best idea to keep your carpet material safe.

Rearranging and Rotating the Furniture

Rotating and rearranging the furniture can change the placement of foot traffic. You will prevent premature wear areas by moving your furniture around. Moreover, it ensures that the same spots are not receiving all the cleaning and damage by rearranging the couches and tables. Plus you get creative with your interior space arrangement!

Professional Cleaning

There’s no better way to sanitize and clean your carpets than by professional cleaning. It not only extends the life of your carpets but also keeps them germ-free.

Most carpet warranties require a professional cleaning service every 18 to 24 months to make it look new and durable. So, when you hire the best carpet cleaner you can expect deep cleaning with modern tools and techniques. They seep into the far-flung corners and extract the rigid dirt and soil by identifying the right method as per the type of carpet.

Look for cleaners who are certified carpet cleaners. They will use organic solutions and deeply clean and rinse the carpet fibers to remove residues.

You can hire Seaside Carpet Cleaning expert now to make your carpet look new for many years. Book us today and feel the change in your carpet cleaning technique.