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Urine Stains on Carpets? Learn how to treat it Seriously

People are fond of keeping pets as they are great companions to the owners. Most of the households in the USA have dogs and cats as pets. Having pets at home lowers your stress and keeps the owners engaged most of the time. Playful pets are great stress busters. They are believed to have a positive effect on certain health issues like cholesterol, depression, and blood pressure issues. 

This is a great health advantage but it comes with some drawbacks. Brace yourself for pet urine accidents, hair fall everywhere, and chewing of household stuff. Pets come with serious responsibilities like taking them for a walk, cleaning their poop and urine, etc.

When it comes to treating the urine stains of your pets on carpets, rugs, and upholstery every owner should act fast and seriously. As soon you see your pet spilling pee over the carpet or rugs take quick action. If urine stains are not treated properly, the urine odor will permeate deeper into the carpets, will become stubborn to clean and the air of your living space will have a bad odor.

Uncleaned urine or urine stains can have some serious impact on your health, which include breathing issues in asthma patients, skin infections, and urinary tract infections.

Read on to discover simple and easy tips to deal with pet urine or urine stains....

Though Carpet cleaning services are easily available in your location. We’ve compiled a list of home remedies to remove dog urine stains from the carpet and keep them away! 

  • On noticing urine spills on the floor or carpet, blot as much of the urine up with a towel. The towel will soak most of the urine and then you can put up a clean, dry towel or sheet on the top to absorb the rest. Make sure pee doesn’t get deep inside your carpet, so act quickly and seriously.


  • Use diluted club soda or white vinegar with water (50/50) to blot away any remaining urine from your carpet fabric. You can also use plain cold water instead of club soda or white vinegar if it’s not available. Now with your hands (use can use rubber gloves) scrub the spot but make sure not to scrub too hard that can harm the microfibers of your carpets. If you’re using club soda, pour it onto a larger area than the stain and use a wet cloth to spread the liquid onto it.


  • Next step is to pour some dish soap on the scrubbing gloves or an old toothbrush and scrub the stained area for about 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on how easily the stain goes away before washing off with the cold water. This will break down the stains for easy cleaning. Finish up by blotting dry again if required.


  • You need to clean all the urine spots in your home until you no longer see any stains. Keep a close watch on your pets where from now on they are going to pee! This will help you to minimize pet urine accidents because pets do have the habit of peeing at the same spot once they realize the spot is “pee central”.

Other ways that may help you to remove urine stains and Odor

  • You can walk into the store and buy pet stain remover. Do check the product label to make sure it’s non-toxic both for your carpet fabric and pets. These cleaners are enzymatic in nature that break down the proteins in the urine, thus neutralizing the odor. You can follow the instructions given on the product on how to use it or you can take the advice of professional carpet cleaners Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista, or Carlsbad.


  • Another commonly used combination of baking soda and vinegar is very effective for treating stubborn stains and odor. Spray vinegar on the stain and sprinkle some baking soda over it. Cover the stain with a towel and leave it for a few hours to dry. Scrub the dried baking soda with cold water followed by bolt dry with a towel or paper towels.

Apart from home remedies carpet owners always have a choice to call professionals for deep clean which is highly recommended twice a year. At Seaside Carpet Cleaning, our trained cleaners are familiar with all the carpet fabrics and the right treatment for your stained carpets, thus protecting carpets from serious damages. Check out our sparkling 5-star reviews and find out why Seaside Carpet Cleaning is most trusted by homeowners and other real estate agents. 

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