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The Complete Guide to Tipping Your House Cleaners

Cleaning can be such a hassle sometimes. Hiring a professional cleaning service releases stress and also leaves more time to spend time with loved ones or do some other work.

Professional Cleaners save efforts of cleaning on your own; tipping could be a great way to show gratitude towards them.

This article is the complete guide on how to tip your cleaners; since it might seem like a simple task, it can get quite tricky.

Is Tip Mandatory?

A tip is not at all mandatory; it totally depends on the individual.

Nonetheless, To tip or not tip, and if you should, then how much? Various factors such as location, the type of work, and the size of your home or apartment determine how much you pay your cleaners.

However, cleaners appreciate being rewarded for a job that’s well done.

Cleaning Companies Vs. Self-employed Cleaners

The magnitude of the organization should be considered while deciding whether or not to tip. Whether the company has multiple cleaners or is it such that only a self-employed cleaner which runs his own business.

Individual owners are able to charge according to their rate and are not answerable to a company, while a cleaner in a company might only get a portion of the work he does.

Due to which individual cleaners might not expect a tip, while an employee in a cleaning company might appreciate the tip much more.

$10-$20 per service is generally considered a good amount to tip.

Tipping Strategies

Another important factor to consider while tipping is the tipping policy of the companies. 

For instance, To let go of the pressure from their customers, certain cleaning companies have started paying their employees a higher wage.

Other companies might include the tip into their standard rates; in that case, it should be clearly mentioned in their service agreement. However, some firms do not allow employees to accept gratuities in any way.

In case you’re unsure about the company's policy, it's better to ask than the employees themselves.

The Quality Of Service

The quality of service rendered by the cleaning company also helps in deciding whether to tip or not.

For instance, if you have to call for a follow-up clean because the quality is not as per the standard, then you may want to avoid the tip. However, if the services are extraordinary, then a tip rewards their efforts.

The Condition of Your Home

The condition of your home also acts as a deciding factor in the decision of whether to tip or not.

If the cleaning included difficult tasks such as an extremely messy kitchen or filthy bathroom, you would want to tip them, anyway.

How Much to Tip

Once the decision to tip the cleaner is made, another important question arises, which is what amount is okay to tip.

For a wonderful service, you may want to tip between 15-20%. If you asked the cleaner to complete an especially difficult task, you could pay a little high too also, if the cleaner relies on tips and doesn’t have tips built into the rates. You may want to tip on the side of 20%.

Other Forms of Tipping

The most common form of a tip is Cash. It is also among the most popular, especially for one-time services. However, if you have a regular maid or a frequent cleaner that comes to your house, tipping them with their favorite wine or a gift card or giving them something thoughtful, then they might appreciate it even more.

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