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how often should you vacuum your carpet

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

Every house has its standards when it comes to cleanliness. Although a bit of clutter and a few dust bunnies aren’t a big deal. But, cleaning the deep-laid dust and dirt under the carpet fiber is!

For some, cleaning would just be a routine regime (which is good) because they can’t sleep until everything is spic and span. While for others, cleaning the house could be a bit strenuous. But, if you want your carpets to look fresh, clean, and newly bought, it is important to keep vacuuming them regularly.

Okay, so, how often should you vacuum your carpet? Once a week…twice a week…or daily? Well, it varies as per the type of carpet flooring.

Let’s discuss the vacuuming frequency of carpets to enhance a fresh and healthy environment.


Determining the frequency based on the type of flooring


Use these guidelines to determine the frequency of vacuuming the carpet based on the type of flooring-


  • Vacuum tile floors and hardwood every week


Since tile floors and hardwood don’t hold on to dirt, dust, mist, and bacteria (compared to carpeted floors), it is sufficient to vacuum them every week.


Tile floors and hardwood have durable and flat construction. Secondly, sealant and glaze are applied on these floorings to avoid bacteria and grime. So, weekly vacuuming will keep your flooring clean and tidy.


Note: If you’re using a vacuum for sweeping and dust-mopping hard surface floors, then clean your carpets and rugs by scrubbing, and beating. This is how you can get the vacuum going again smoothly.


  • Vacuum carpeted floors twice a week


Carpeted floors are prone to dust, dirt, and allergens. They can easily absorb the spills and grime that leads to brimming of bacteria. Moreover, if you neglect the carpet for a long time and don’t clean it instantly, your carpet will start leaving a foul smell.


Therefore, vacuum carpeted floors twice a week and clean the soiled carpet before the dirt and debris become enmeshed.


Note: Make sure you vacuum slowly to trap more soil.


  • Vacuum daily when you live with paw-kids 


Are pet hairs and dander litter everywhere in your house?


When you live with paw-kids, these are about to happen. And you will find these mostly on the carpets. Therefore, it is important to vacuum your carpets deeply to banish bacteria and maintain your family’s health.


In fact, when you take pets for a walk, there are chances that it’ll bring bacteria like Cyclospora causing headaches and infections – Gastritis


Therefore vacuum your whole house and carpets daily to keep your house fresh and hygienic. And if you do not have much time in vacuuming the entire house, hire professionals now to sweep your house daily.


  • Invest in a High-Quality Machine


Do you want to improve the longevity of your carpets? Start investing in high-quality machines and eco-friendly cleaning products! Buying an inexpensive cleaning machine will only remove the surface dirt.


But, if you want to deep clean the carpet and dust it off down under the fibers, buy the professionally recommended machine. Ensure that it has adjustable heights so that it can seep into unreached corners.


A Fresh and Clean Home Has Its Rewards – The Final Words


If you are living a busy or super active life, that doesn’t mean your house will have to suffer. Moreover, if you live alone or even with a family, it is extremely crucial to keep vacuuming your house regularly.


Well, Seaside Carpet Cleaning offers hassle-free and regular carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, CA at a customizable schedule. Book a call now and get a free estimate to make your carpet spotless and dirt free.


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