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Hiring The Right Cleaning Service: Questions to Ask, What to Look For, Tips

In today's world, where people lives are so busy, the cleaning industry acts as a saviour. Can you afford your living space and office with a lot of dust and dirt? No, not. You would never take a risk and put your health at risk. Especially the interest of the people towards cleanliness and hygiene has increased since the COVID 19 pandemic outburst. The cleaning industry is a bliss for people; they have acted as warriors during the pandemic and are always at the front line to do small to heavy cleaning tasks.

Before you search for a cleaning service, you should know which cleaning service you require. You will find many cleaning companies doing the same job, and that could be a tough call to choose the one among many, how you will know that you're hiring the right people. So, you probably start by asking your family members, friends, co-workers, and your neighbours. You can also look on Yelp, Google, Facebook to find which cleaning company has the most positive customer feedback.

There are a few do and don't that you should know before hiring a cleaning service. You must ask a couple of questions to find which company is best for your cleaning requirements. Here, we have listed down a couple of questions and tips you should know and consider before hiring a cleaning service.

Questions to ask the cleaning companies:


How long you have been in the business?

It should be the first question that you can ask the cleaning companies. The older the company, the more the experience.

You will trust and hire a company with years of presence in the cleaning industry, have detailed knowledge of the cleaning industry, great testimonials, and who can guarantee you a satisfactory cleaning experience.


You surely won’t hesitate to hire such a company again rather than spending your time again to find a new cleaning company unless you are not satisfied with the first one.


What type of cleaning services do you provide?

If you have listed the cleaning services you need, ensure by asking the cleaning companies whether they offer those services or not. It will also give you an idea of their experience.

Do notice whether they will provide you detailed information about what they do or give you a general answer like we can “scrub and clean the floor” and such.

Ask them if they can also provide you with a customized plan that covers all your cleaning requirements at an affordable price. It will give you an idea if they are the ones that you were searching for.



What are your rates?

The next question you would like to know the rates of their cleaning services. Budget is always a top priority, and every owner will ensure that the cleaning service cost fits into their budget.

Don’t hesitate to ask the cleaning companies if they provide you with discounts on customized plans or in case if you hire them for the long term. It will also help you to save some money.

Are your employee’s backgrounds checked?

Most industries do a background check before hiring an employee. It ensures that the right person gets hired for safe work and, this prevents accidents that can affect the reputation of the company.

A background check also gives information on the previous work experience, performance, and behaviour of employees. Every company likes to hire trustworthy people. 


So, you are relieved from the stress if the cleaning company guarantee all their employees are background checked. 

Are your company insured and bonded? Are your employees insured?

It is a must-ask question to ensure that you are not liable for any accidental damage during cleaning jobs. All Cleaning companies have liability insurance and bond to cover any accidental damage done during the cleaning.

Do ask the cleaning companies whether their employees are insured or not. If cleaners are insured, you have no liability to compensate if they get themselves hurt at your place. 

This way, everyone involved in the cleaning process is protected to the max.

Do your employees undergo training?

If it is a yes from a professional cleaning company, it’s a good sign. Trained staff is well skilled, well behaved, consistent and can efficiently handle minor to major cleaning tasks smoothly. 

Training ensures that the team can deliver a high-quality cleaning experience to the customers.

Do you bring cleaning supplies and cleaning tools?

Many people have simple cleaning tools like brushes, detergents, baking soda, vacuum, broom in their homes. And if you are moving to a newly constructed house, maybe you don’t have any of these. 

So, it’s a good idea to confirm with the cleaning companies if they need any supplies or arrangements from your end. Although all professional cleaning companies bring cleaning supplies and carry specially designed cleaning tools to the client site. 

Professional cleaning companies are familiar with all cleaning products used for multiple cleaning tasks. You will also get to know which products they use and if their products are eco-friendly or not.

What should I do with my pets and kids during cleaning?

Having kids and pets present at home during professional clean-up is a concern for many parents and pet owners. Especially, for the ones who would be using professional cleaners for the first time.

It’s better to let the cleaning company know that you have pets at home rather than surprising them later. They can probably charge you differently after knowing you got pet stains on carpets or upholstery, pet hair, and dandruff spread all over. So, avoid getting surprised with the bill later.

Every professional cleaning company use organic products that have no harm. Still, professional cleaners will advise you to keep your pets and kids out of the cleaning area to avoid accidents or unexpected health issues.

Do I need to be at home?

Do you stay busy on weekends with family or friends, and do you work during weekdays?
You can leave keys with your neighbours or give the passcode to your home that you can change later. You cannot compromise with the security and safety of your home, so better talk to the cleaning companies first.

It’s always advisable to be at home during the cleaning. You can also keep a check if cleaning happens as promised or not.

Do you employ green cleaning?

Green cleaning products are non-toxic and are completely safe for your kids and pets, so it's better to confirm with the cleaning companies whether they make use of such products or not. 

A YES from the cleaning company adds more chances for them to get hired.


It's not that tough to find cleaning services for your home, office, or newly constructed building if you know the right questions to ask the cleaning companies.

Do some research so that your hiring experience goes smoothly. Hiring a cleaning company for the first time might not be that smooth but, eventually, you will find the right cleaners.

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