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Pets are considered a part of the family like any other family member. Their loyalty, affection, and love towards the owner are unconditional. From kids to adults everyone loves to spend time, take a walk, and play with them. Pets are playful and love to seek the attention of the owner. Whether you have a newborn pet, an adult pet, or an aging pet you are bound to certain responsibilities and have to prepare yourself to take care of them. Your beloved cat or dog can create a mess in the house and you got to deal with that!

Experienced dog owners won’t struggle much in handling pets and their day-to-day activities while others can have a hard time dealing with their newborn or adult pets.  New-born pups or a few months old dogs can urinate anywhere in the house till the time you don’t train them. For any owner, it’s a very annoying situation to witness their pet urinating on expensive carpets. In such situations, you need to act quickly on the fresh urine stains and dry-clean them. The urine stains that go unseen dries up and need vigorous cleaning and right cleaning products.

Though you can clean the fresh pet stains on your own the old dried stains need professional help. The companies that offer carpet cleaning services are well experienced in dealing with old pet urine stains. Read more to know how does carpet cleaning service helps in removing the pet stains and dog smell from your house:


Cleaning fresh urine stains isn’t a problem. Urine stains can be treated with the most standard carpet cleaning methods. The actual challenge is to clean the carpet pad and subfloor beneath it. 

The carpet pad is spongy in nature that traps and holds pet urine until it dries, leaving a stinky, unpleasant-smelling odor.

Inspection to identify pet urine stains on carpets

The carpet cleaner will first inspect the whole carpet to identify the spots of pet urine stains, the condition of the urine stain, and the damage it has done to the carpet. We prefer to pull back the carpets to check the urine stains precisely on the backing of the carpet.

Depending on the severity of the urine stain the carpet cleaning professionals will apply one of the below methods:

1. Basic treatment

The basic treatment method is used when the stains are not too severe. This involves a professional-grade topical pet treatment that breaks down the dog's urine stain and makes the extraction easier. Whereas this treatment method is OK for easily removable stains but there is certainly a more advanced method to deal with old dried stains.

If this treatment doesn’t clean the stain completely, the carpet is going to need either a flood treatment or a pad replacement

2. Advanced treatment

This advanced method of treating old stubborn stains is referred to as “flooding”. In this method, a bucket full of a specialized pet urine solution is applied to the affected area of the carpet and the carpet pad. This solution has the tendency to neutralize the stain, breaking down the urea and other urine salts.

The solution is allowed to settle down for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once the solution has done its job, it is extracted using the weights placed over the carpet. 

This method works great for smaller urine saturated areas and removes as much urine as possible from the carpet pads.

In a worst-case scenario, we recommend you to go for carpet pad replacement.

Do these Cleaning methods also remove pet urine odor?

Yes, the above-mentioned cleaning methods do remove the pet urine odor from your carpets. We also apply the products specially designed for removing pet odor. We do so many pet urine carpet cleaning jobs and it’s rare that clients call us again for an odor that returns.

We hope this helps

We understand that removing the dried pet urine stains from the carpet is really not an easy task. It involves the right skills, the right cleaning products, the right cleaning techniques, a lot of energy and time. At seaside carpet cleaning, we got all that it needs to treat even the toughest pet urine stains. We do care for the health of your family, so we don’t use any products that cause any health issues. So, if you are looking to hire professionals to deal with your carpet stains, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We assure the most satisfying cleaning experience to our clients.