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What does it mean if my Carpet Cleaning water is Black?

Carpets are huge dust magnets.  The more wooly they are, the more they attract and trap dust inside them. That is why carpet cleaning is a very perilous job. It is only natural that your cleaning water will come out black when you are washing your Carpet. This signifies the dirt that the Carpet had caught and stored. But if the water persistently keeps coming out as black, this might be a cause of alarm that something is definitely not right with your Carpet or the way you might have cleaned it.


Reasons why cleaning water is black while washing a carpet


  • Dust and grime: Dust and grime are the most common factors that turn a carpet cleaning water black. Food and beverage spillage, dust from the outdoors through feet and shoes, dirty football thuds, and carpets are exposed to dirt like no other furnishing. So, it is common for the carpet water to come out as black when they are being washed and cleaned.
  • Leaving out areas: Carpets are big in size and heavy in nature which makes carpet cleaning a tricky and unmanageable affair. This often leads to most of the parts of the carpet being left out while washing which turns the water persistently muddy even after the first few times while cleaning.
  • Too much foam: Mixing cleaning solution too strong will create too much foam. It is these foams that dirt gets attached to and makes the water dirty when poured over it. Leaving too strong cleaning agent will leave foams behind if not washed properly which will attract more dust in return, leaving the water black each time you wash your carpets.
  • Long gaps between cleaning: Carpets are hefty in nature and in weight which makes Carpet cleaning, a very tedious job.  But prolonged gaps between cleaning can result in more grime getting accumulated over the surface of Carpets that can make the washing more difficult.
  • Deep-rooted dirt: Carpets can be filthy, period! Sometimes, the dirt and dust in the Carpets are just too deep-rooted that can take several washings for them to be removed.
  • Formation of mold: Dampness or leaving the Carpet too wet while shampooing is a common mistake. Sometimes you fail to realize it and tend to leave a dampened Carpet post shampoo. This can lead to the formation of molds at the bottom of your Carpets and are in dire need of professional help!

The Right Way to Clean a Carpet:

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  • Vacuum the Carpet first to get rid of a good amount of dry dust before adding a water-based cleaning solution to it.
  • Use the recommended amount of cleaning agent in the water.
  • Do not move the cleaner too fast. This can leave the foam behind.
  • Use Diagonal lines instead of straight lines to Clean your Carpet. This will help you not to miss out on parts.
  • Allow the Carpet to properly Air-Dry.
  • Keep checking for the formation of mold.
  • Get a professional Carpet Cleaner for the best result.

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To sum up, Carpet Cleaning needs detailed washing and drying for them to be maintained properly. It is better if you can look for professional help for washing your carpets. This will assure thorough cleaning with zero fallibility chances. Professional carpet cleaners use Hot Water Extraction Method, or Steam Cleaning to clean your carpets; a method that sprays heated cleaning solutions over a carpet’s surface and then uses a high stream vacuum process to squeeze out every speck of dirt and dust from the carpet.


If you live in or around Oceanside, there are some best Carpet Cleaners who offer amazing Carpet cleaning in Oceanside. Find and connect with them to get yourself off this strenuous job of carpet cleaning. After all, you don't want your carpets to be dirty!