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Carpet Cleaning V/S Steam Cleaning: Which Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Newly installed carpets often bring a sense of comfort, warmth, and elegance. But when they become soiled or get wrapped with dirt, you can’t go with just vacuuming. This is where you will need either dry carpet cleaning or steam cleaning solutions.

So, are you planning to get your carpets cleaned but completely confused as to which cleaning method to choose for your carpet?

Well, to put it simply, traditional carpet cleaning and steam cleaning – both are equally effective carpet cleaning methods. They can help you achieve great results.

But, what differentiates both - is the amount of water used. However, the quality of carpet cleaning often depends on the cleaning solutions used, the equipment employed, and the nature of the carpets itself.

Let’s know more in detail -:

Understanding the Carpet Fibres Before Selecting Any Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to selecting the best carpet cleaning method, note that there’s no ‘one fits all’ approach. You need to understand the type of carpet fibers because different fibers have different properties and they can react differently to different cleaning solutions.

For instance, wool fibers require special care as they are sensitive by nature and extremely delicate with heat and alkaline solutions.

On the contrary, synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are tougher. They can endure at higher temperatures and with the right cleaning techniques.

So, understand your carpet's fiber to make an informed decision about the best cleaning method.

 How to treat when just one area of carpet needs cleaning?

In the carpet cleaning industry, we call such areas or corners heavy traffic areas. Typically, there are several corners of carpets in your house that are rolled with dirt more than others. So, that’s why we offer a heavy carpet cleaning treatment.

You may find such heavy traffic areas in your hallways and living room as they witness a lot of foot traffic. So, that’s why Seaside Carpet Cleaning offers Heavy Traffic Cleaning Solution to break down the oil, grease, and sugar that hold the dirt to your carpet.


Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning is a very low moisture cleaning solution for carpet maintenance. It can make your carpet dry right within one to two hours. The best part is that it can remove more stains than any other cleaning process.

So, how does dry carpet cleaning work?

Vacuum your carpet by using industrial-strength equipment. Then, treat your carpet with a dry-cleaning solution; a combination of dry-cleaning solvents in water. This process will break down the oil and grease making it easier to get rid of soiled particles.

Moreover, it involves dipping the fresh cotton pads into the hot water and using conditioning solutions. These pads are kept under a rotary machine. The machine will spin the pads around, extracting the rigid dirt from the carpet. You can change these cotton pads as and when required during the cleaning process.

This is a quite traditional approach used for residential purposes when homeowners are looking for spot treatment.


Planning to buy machinery on rent?

If you buy machinery on rent to treat stains from your carpets, it isn’t right for you! Several store-bought powder cleaners fake the dry cleaning experience. Such products contain ingredients that will give your carpet temporary freshness. However, who knows whether powder cleaner will affect your carpet?

Most importantly, industrial machines and equipment are used in the carpet cleaning process. So, you must master the art of using such machines like a professional otherwise it may leave moisture behind and damage your carpet. Secondly, the cost of buying such heavy weighted machines on rent can be a costlier affair. Make sure you calculate the time to be invested while cleaning your heavily soiled carpet.

It’s advisable to hire Seaside Carpet Cleaning for a meticulous deep cleaning! We’ll take care of your carpets.

Reasons to Choose Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods for families and individuals who struggle with allergies. If your carpets are sensitive to scents, you can choose this method.

It uses hot water extraction to get soils and spills out of your carpet and prolong its life. Moreover, steam cleaning goes perfectly well in case of deep cleaning or spot cleaning your carpets.

In this method, water vapor produced doesn’t contain any smell and that’s the most effective way to lift the dirt and kill bacteria that have bothersome scents. The machine used in steam cleaning will inject hot water into the carpet at very high pressure.

Gradually it will soak up the seated dirt from carpet fibres including mold and pet scents. Further, the water will be extracted pulling off all dirt and grime. Use a special vacuum cleaner to remove all water from your carpet.


When all other cleaning attempts fail to give the desired results, steam cleaning becomes your last resort.


The Final words

Steam cleaning and traditional carpet cleaning – both are popular carpet cleaning choices. The only difference - you guessed it, right? – the amount of water used.

However, steam carpet cleaning is probably the best method if your carpets are heavily soiled and can wait for a few hours for drying.

Traditional dry cleaning is a better-suited method when your carpets are lightly soiled and just need some routine cleaning. The best part is you can walk on your carpets right away after a few minutes of cleaning making it ideal for foyers and bedrooms in hotels and in reception areas or individual rooms in offices.

At Seaside Carpet Cleaning, we use the hot water extraction method for deep cleaning and spot cleaning your carpets. So, if you don’t have the time or your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a while, feel free to call us today!