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Attention Pet Owners: Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Every seasoned pet owner knows that bringing little (and often cute) critters into your home means there will be unavoidable messes and accidents with the regular cleanup.

Moreover, with pets like dogs and cats, accidents can increase the number of litter if the carpet is not cleaned correctly.

Are you a pet owner?

Here’s a comprehensive guide for professional carpet cleaning in Encinitas, CA followed by some tips and tricks -:

What does pet urine do to your carpet?

Pet Urine can damage your carpet, rugs, and fabrics. When urine is in the acid state, it will react with the carpet  leading to color change.

Pet urine may leave a permanent stain and spot if it is not treated, removed, or neutralized immediately. Moreover, some harmful bacteria and amino acids often lead to rigid staining. The catch is the sooner you treat the urine, the cleaner your carpet will look.

Why are pet stain odors so unpleasant and hard to get rid of? 

There are 2 reasons why pet stains release unpleasant odors and make them tougher to get rid of. So, firstly, bacteria grow from urine in warmer places. After that, it starts forming amino acids owing to the combination of gas and water. This further leads to an unpleasant odor.

Secondly, it is always said to treat and neutralize the carpet. Because, when you leave it untreated, high humidity causes urine to release additional gas or chemical odor.

Hair. Hair. Everywhere 

Do you groom your pet?

That’s the best way to reduce the amount of pet hair that embeds itself into the carpet fiber.

Various pet owners understand the frustration of getting ready for the office in the early morning when they see pet hairs everywhere on almost everything. The situation becomes worse when you are allergic or sensitive to pet hairs. Such extra hair can be drastically uncomfortable on the sofa, floors, or corners.

Therefore, it is important to vacuum your carpet regularly when you live with a pet. This will not only keep pet hairs at bay but also maintain hygiene in your home.

Here are some tips for reducing the amount of embedded pet hair in a carpet -:

  • Grooming Daily: Groom your pet's hair daily. Pet shed fur so the best you can do is groom them daily in one place. This will ensure that you don’t have to collect loose hairs from the carpet fibers.
  • Arrange for Pet beds: When pets have beds to lay in, this automatically keeps your surface clean. They won’t get on your furniture and make fewer messes. That’s how you can keep your house clean and mess-free.
  • Rubber brooms: Rubber brooms are static when they make contact with the carpet. Due to this pet hair magnetically gets attracted to the rubber pad and accumulated. And it becomes easier to vacuum the carpet when it gets accumulated in one place.

All these above-mentioned tricks will undoubtedly help you get rid of pet hair problems in the home. However, the best bet is to call professionals for carpet steam cleaning services to deep clean the pet hairs from every nook and corner.

Accidents and Odours

Accidents are bound to happen whether you are moving or shifting or living in the same house. Your pet will create uncharted and unmarked territory everywhere no matter the house.

And, if you are installing a completely fresh new carpet in your home, it can become an open chartering ground for pets. After some days, it will start releasing unbearable and lingering smells from your beautiful carpet.  

We don’t want you to be embarrassed or have those unpleasant smells. Seaside Carpet Cleaning is all here to help you out!

Using fabric protector for professional carpet cleaning 

We prefer a water-based fabric protector that is skin friendly and doesn’t harm your pets and people. It is a non-toxic solution and is completely safe for woolen materials. Our fabric cleaning solution has no fragrances or dyes and it helps in reducing allergens. 

Our team of experts examines the quality and type of fabric and applies fabric protectors accordingly so you keep up with your carpet for more years to come. 

Top of all, remember that the key to cleaning pet stains from carpet is getting on it fast! 

Situations to act fast to keep your carpet clean and in shape

Just like a human body, pet skin also releases oil naturally. This may excrete other bodily elements like vomit, or urine, on your carpet.

All this gets immersed into the carpet fiber and that may lead to discoloration and fading. So, when you notice that your pet has urinated or left its feces or is marking territory on a certain corner of the carpet, act fast.

Clean this as quickly as possible to avoid soaking up urine. This is how you can prevent your carpet from staining and discoloration.

The Final Words

When you have a pet member, maintaining lovely carpets becomes quite impossible. However, timely attention to regular vacuuming, accidents, and routine professional cleaning will keep your carpet fresh and hygienic for a long time to come.

Seaside Carpet Cleaning will get your home ready for holiday visitors and clean up your carpets from pets’ belongings for a fresh, healthy winter today.