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Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques You Should Know

Does your home’s carpet see a lot of foot traffic?


Are those feet tracking in all sorts of messes?



Phew! Roll up your sleeves and squeeze your knees. It’s time for carpet cleaning now! 



Also, when you have occasional guests, children, or furry kids around, spills and stains are about to happen. This can quickly make your carpet look worse and wear. 



‘Frequent Cleaning and Vacuuming’ – This is one of the best ways to keep your carpet look and smell good. And if you delay cleaning, stains will settle back into the carpet fiber and it becomes difficult to clean.

However, here we have discussed a few of the methods used by professional carpet cleaners to make your carpets clean and fresh. Have a look- 



1. Carpet steam cleaning 



The Carpet steam cleaning technique involves a high pressure applicator and a vacuum attached to a van. That’s how by applying superheated water, you can get rid of the carpet dirt and debris caught up in its fibers. 



This combination works extremely best on carpet fibers. It gives your flooring a softer and cozier feeling once cleaned deeply. Hire professional carpet steam cleaning services to remove deeply seated mud stains from your carpets. 



2. Carpet Shampooing



Shampooing is one of the most effective carpet cleaning techniques. It requires a machine that will hold the tank of cleaning solution whereas the other tank will hold the dirty water once it is removed. 



The professional cleaners will pour the solution on the carpet and these two tanks will work together over small sections. Then the solution is left to dry. Once dried, you can use a vacuum cleaner to soak up all the brittle particles from the carpet fiber. 



3. Bonnet Cleaning



Bonnet cleaning is a popularly used carpet cleaning technique in high traffic commercial buildings –hotels or office structures. It involves mixing the absorbent solution with carbonated water which is spread over the carpet. 



This technique demands a heavy duty machine with a motorized spinning pad. It will soak up the dirt and debris directly from the upper portion of carpets. 



However, it does not facilitate deep cleaning. But you can use it as an interim cleaning method between intensive care and regular cleaning. Try Bonnet cleaning when you don’t have time for encapsulating or shampooing methods for drying. 



4. Dry Carpet Cleaning



In dry carpet cleaning, no water or liquid cleaner is involved. Just a special cleaning product is used that acts like micro sponges and absorbs the dirt. Professional carpets use a machine with counter rotating brushes to apply powder to the carpet. 



The dry cleaning method works best for delicate carpets like coir, jute, or seagrass because the lack of water minimizes the chance of fiber shrinkage or damage. 



5. Encapsulation Cleaning



Carpet encapsulation is low moisture and eco friendly method that does not require much water. It  involves the use of a special foam that bubbles and expands on the carpet.



A rotary agitation machine is then placed on the carpet for absorbing and isolating the dirt on the carpet. Vacuum away or brush off the dried foam.



After this, you can put your carpet back to use. Carpet encapsulation is an effective commercial cleaning technique, perfectly used for maintaining the surface of high foot traffic carpets. 




Professional carpet cleaning is extremely important for extending the life of carpets and maintaining their look and feel. Cleaning carpets regularly keeps your environment dust and allergen free. The above mentioned professional techniques of Carpet cleaning in Encinitas will not only deep clean your carpets but also maintain hygiene in your home surroundings.  

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