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Know The 5 Questions to Ask While Hiring Carpet Cleaners?

Did you just Google the professional carpet cleaner? Now, you may have got hundreds of options. With a dozen professional services available, it can be puzzling to decide whom to hire.

You cannot just let anyone into your house, right? Of course not!

And even more, you cannot just allow anyone to bring any generic equipment and cleaning products to work on your carpet. 

It’s really very much important to do at least little research before hiring carpet cleaners. Obviously, you want excellent services for the price you pay, and want your carpets to last as long as possible. 

We understand you. Here are the must-asked 5 questions that you should know while hiring any professional carpet cleaning company. Have a look here:

What Type of Carpet Cleaning methods do you generally use?

This is the most deliberate question that you must ask while hiring carpet rug cleaning Oceanside, CA. We suggest you search for professional carpet cleaners who use eco-friendly products and the latest technologies for a specific type of carpets. Because an experienced and professional carpet cleaner will identify the type of your carpet first and give you suggestions for the most worthy carpet cleaning services. 

Moreover, this will conserve water and energy and give momentum to the environment. And calculatively, less water is equal to faster drying that will control the growth of mold beneath your carpet.  

Are You Insured?

Customer service and quality assurance are number one at Seaside Carpet Cleaning. 

People often invest a lot of money in purchasing carpets and there’s no surprise that you would want to protect them at all costs. However, hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Oceanside will help you here. Expert cleaners use high water pressure to clean off all the dirt, bacteria, and dust from your carpets. 

So, make sure to ask the company if they are insured and bonded. These types of policies mean that the cleaners will be able to cover any accidental damage done to your home décor, carpets, or any other items while performing their cleaning service. 

If the company you are talking to doesn’t have any business insurance, hang up the call.

Do you offer any written guarantee for your work?

A professional carpet cleaning Oceanside, CA always guarantees their work because of the unparalleled and unrivaled experience. So, if any company hesitates to offer a guarantee then it’s a big warning sign that you shouldn’t work with them.  

You are paying for your service so obviously, you want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Many reliable carpet cleaning companies offer a 30-day guarantee on their work. Redoing of work comes minimum to them because of their professionalism. However, they go an extra mile when a client is not totally satisfied.

And, if you find carpet cleaners that offer more guarantee then, this shows they are really confident in their services and skills and so you can count on them.  

However, make sure everything is in writing. A written guarantee is a part of your contract that gives you legal assurance. So, close the deal with a written guarantee instead of a mere handshake.  

Can you share some of your referrals for carpet cleaning?

Knowing what past customers have mentioned regarding the carpet cleaning services of that particular company often helps you to make an informed decision.

You will always hire a carpet cleaning company based on the number of satisfied customers it has. Fortunately, you can check their reviews on Google Plus and Yelp. Take time to research well about the company but also don’t hesitate to ask for previous customers to whom you can talk. 

A trustworthy and professional company will always be happy to connect you with its past customers. They will readily give up some names and numbers, you can be pretty sure you are working with the right company.

Do you have cleaning products that are safe for kids and pets?

It is always better to ask than to assume. Your children and pets spend a lot of time rolling and tumbling on the carpet. And, your family lives, eats, and breathes wherever your carpets are placed. So, obviously, you will have to be extra careful while hiring professionals for carpet cleaning. Spills, stains, and foul odor would be part and parcel of your carpet’s routine and therefore professional services become your priority. 

Any reputable and experienced carpet cleaning company will be using environmentally sustainable products that won’t harm your pet, family, and environment. Ask about the products or chemicals used while deeply cleaning the carpet and de-odoring the unpleasant smell. In fact, their solutions will improve the longevity of your carpets too. 

Looking for a carpet cleaner in Oceanside?

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